Preserve your Wedding Flowers with Artwork from The Custom Botanist

Today I am delighted to spotlight on The Custom Botanist who creates stunning artwork so that you can preserve your Wedding flowers and their beauty forever.

​After spending so much time and money on wedding flowers, brides often look for a way to preserve their bouquet after the big day.

A dried flower arrangement in a frame isn’t for everyone, and if you value original artwork then a custom drawing offers a unique alternative.

The brand is based in Altrincham, Greater Manchester.

I hand you over to Hannah to tell you about her blossoming brand…


Who are you, and what do you do?

I am Hannah, “The Custom Botanist”, and I create one off drawings of your wedding bouquet.

Each piece is a combination of watercolour and pencil, and I use the client’s photographs taken on the day – I don’t need the actual bouquet.

When and why did you start your Company?

I started The Custom Botanist about 18 months ago.

I have always loved drawing flowers, and the idea of one off pieces that are completely bespoke really appeals to me.

What inspires you?

Flowers, flowers, flowers!

I am always so excited to receive a new client’s photos – I feel inspired as soon as I get them, and can’t wait to get started on their commission.

Do trends influence your work?

No. But each new commission brings a whole new style with it, and I immerse myself in that aesthetic while I’m working on that particular piece.

It can be a very feminine pink bouquet one month, then a dark quirky bouquet the next – no two bouquets are the same.

Do you have a favourite wedding style?

I love a natural, wild flower style. I like something quirky and a bit different.

What do you love most about your Job?

There is nothing I like more than sitting down and drawing for a few hours.

I love creating art for people, and bouquets are a very emotive item, they remind the bride of her special day.

What is your greatest achievement?

Every single order or enquiry feels like a massive achievement to me, and I am genuinely thrilled each and every time someone chooses me to preserve their wedding flowers for them.

What do you see as the future of your Company?

The dream would be to do The Custom Botanist full time.

I am growing the business slowly, through word of mouth and recommendations. so hopefully in the future I will generate enough interest to fill my days drawing your flowers.

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