Pretty Confetti Cones from Shropshire Petals for 2016 Weddings

As the 2016 wedding colours are expected to be pastel  tones with aspects of darker colours such as coffee and  navy, Shropshire Petals have launched their new confetti cone collection, perfect for 2016 weddings.


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Inspired by the stunning tones from the 2016 wedding colour palette, the new collection includes, navy, brown  craft, yellow, grey, blue, pink, lilac and green confetti  cones.

As well as their iconic white confetti cone, each cone is  embossed with the Shropshire Petals flower, giving them  a subtle texture.

Confetti cones are available to order as a package, which includes 10 cones and a litre of confetti.

They are also  available in the Shropshire Box package and the Bo-Peep basket package.

Pick and mix your unique confetti mix using the  Shropshire Petals online tool, where you can play with  colours and create a mix to match or contrast your  wedding them.

With more choice of cones and the large  selection of petals, you will find the perfect colours for  your special day.

For more information about Shropshire Petals and their  new cones, please visit


shropshire petals, blue_confetti_cones, summer_sky_and_golden_slumber

Shropshire Petals, Confetti Cones, brown_craft_confetti_cones_with_kaleidoscope_and_daisy_daisy

shropshire petals, confetti cones, green_confetti_cones_with_pinch_of_plum-+¦1195_per_litre

 shropshire petals, confetti cones, navy_confetti_cones_with_sunshine_kisses_-+¦1195_per_litre

shropshire petals, confetti cones, pink_confetti_cones_with_pink_lemonade_and_daisy_daisy_-+¦1395_per_litre

shropshire petals, confetti cones, purple_confetti_cones_with_kaleidoscope_-+¦1195_per_litre

shropshire petals, confetti cones, yellow_confetti_cones_with_icing_sugar_-+¦1195_per_litre


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