QR Code – A World of endless Wedding Possibilities

In a tech savvy world people are continually looking for something new and this applies to the Wedding world too so when I heard about the use of QR Code in both gifting and decor for the Big Day I pricked up my ears.




National Engravers are an established and fast growing ecommerce site that provides personalised wedding gifts and bespoke engraving to the U.K and the world.

They have a busy workshop that can engrave pretty much any material such as glass, metals, plastics, gifts, wood, slate, rubber, paper and more.

They try to cater for the unusual as well as traditional engraved gifts.

For example we supply a fabulous range of personalised cocktail shakers, table markers, wood slice hearts, shot glasses, champagne flutes and bespoke signage.


Their most recent range has been the engraving of QR codes onto their products, and this has opened up a plethora of uses.

If you aren’t aware, the QR code is a small data matrix mark that when scanned by a smart phone will link to a URL.

The company have  provided all sorts of products that have included a QR code.


One bride used the QR code on table markers.

Each table had a different code and therefore the bride was able to record a different video message to each table.

QR Codes have also been used for people who could not be there at the wedding where they have given a gift with a link (via the QR code) to a recorded message.

Another Groom gave his Best Man a cocktail shaker with the QR code to the video of the Best Mans speech.


Hence to say, there are endless possibilities this can give the wedding market, and its a great way to further personalise your Big Day.


To Contact National Engravers

Website: http://www.national-engravers.co.uk

Email: info@national-engravers.co.uk

Phone: 01233 731256





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