Rainaway Bride – Don’t let weather spoil your Big Day

Its not great to imagine rain on your wedding day but sadly isnt something that we have control over so be prepared and reduce the risk with a Rainaway Bride.
Rain or wind are a huge worry to Brides, but with some pre planning  lessen the risk of the weather causing upset and spoiling some of your preparations.
I spoke to Karen Robb about her great new innovation for keeping you all snug and dry on your most speacial of days.
Who are you, and what do you do?

“I am Karen Robb of Dornellie, a veil and headpiece designer based on the Isle of Wight.”


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When and why did you start your Business?

“I started Dornellie in 2009 at the National Wedding Show. I had beenworking as a costume maker but had always yearned to be a designer.”

“Now it was my time to give it a real go and Bridalwear beckoned!!”

“My mission with Dornellie was to make veils and/or headpieces to be an integral part of the bridal experience that add glamour, drama and elegance… Not being just an afterthought!”

“Then as a designer I realised there was a gap in the market for a product which not only keeps a bride dry but also allows her to walk unaided.”

“The Rainaway Bride is a waterproof cloak which has an elasticated hem which scoops the gown and train up and away from puddles and mud.”

“The large hood protects hair, makeup, veil or headpiece too and armholes allow for you to still carry your bouquet and freedom of movement.”

“The cloak keeps you and your gown in pristine condition and doesnt let  rain spoil the day of your dreams.”

“Another fantastic benefit of the Rainaway Bride is that it also allows the bride to alight and exit the wedding car with ease without the need of extra help from bridesmaids who also want to stay dry on those wet days.”


What Inspires you ?

“I am inspired in my work by everything, old movies, history, art and nature.”


Whats been your Career Highlight?

“My best moment career wise was making costumes for Pirates of Caribbean 2, for Rainaway it is yet to come.”


What are your plans for the future?

“Looking to the future I am  hoping to make the Rainaway an essential part of every brides check list and ensure no bride ever has to endure being soggy again.”


The Rainaway Bride can be bought directly or hired from selected bridal boutiques.








Thanks to Karen for sharing her work with Blog readers today, it certainly is a interesting innovation.


To Contact Rainaway Bride

Website: http://www.weddingdressraincover.com

Email: hello@dornellie.com

Phone: 07972819854





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    I’m delighted to see you have featured Karen and the Rainaway bride. Karen is a member of my Wightbuzz group and I think her creation is wonderful.

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      Thanks for your comment, was a pleasure to feature Karen, its definetely an interesting innovation x

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