Recipe Giftbook – The perfect alternative Wedding Gift to treasure forever

Today I am thrilled to introduce Recipe Giftbook, a collaboration with family and friends to create the perfect wedding gift, a unique recipe book to treasure forever.


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I hand over to Corrie to tell you all about her blossoming Business…


Who are you, and what do you do?

I am Corrie and I live in beautiful Mid-Wales with my husband and 2 year old daughter, I love being creative and have a passion for food and recipes.

I am also the founder of which is an alternative wedding gift list website for couples looking to create one truly unique and personal gift to celebrate their wedding day.

The bride and groom can invite their friends and family to collaborate to create a recipe book to treasure forever and pass down to future generations.

Guests add recipes, photos and a personal message online and the bride and groom receive a complimentary hardback recipe book full of special shared recipes following their wedding day.


Recipe Giftbook, alternative Wedding Gift, wedding gift, uk wedding blog, family recipe


When and why did you start your Company?

The idea had been in my head since I got married in 2010.

I didn’t know what to do about a gift list, we had all the household goods we needed (and really didn’t want a second toaster!)

We were mindful about the drain on the planet’s resources of unnecessary gifts and didn’t feel comfortable giving friends and relatives with a variety of budgets a list of consumer goods.

In the end we said ‘no gifts’ but due to our guests generosity we were showered with numerous gifts anyway!

It made me think afterwards that if only we could have channeled their energies into something…..

Even I am guilty of giving gifts/money when I have been to weddings that say ‘no gifts’, its such a long standing tradition to give the bride and groom something to celebrate their wedding day, it just doesn’t feel right going empty handed!

The current trend of giving personalised gifts made me think about what would be really personal to me?

I thought about how I love recipes and how unique they are, how people have special family recipes that go back generations and how nice it would be to collect them into one book.

I also realised when I was setting up the website that a bride planning her wedding would not have time to start collecting loads of recipes! so I knew it needed to be a really simple process.

I set up the website in 2014 with the aim to create a really effortless process where all the bride and groom had to do was register, select from a choice of 6 beautiful recipe book designs (Traditional, Classic, Modern, Retro, Contemporary and Creative) choose their recipe book title and then leave their friends and family to do the rest.



six designs , Recipe Giftbook, alternative Wedding Gift, wedding gift, uk wedding blog, family recipe


The bride and groom receive a unique ‘guest code’ which they can include with their own wedding invitations with an explanation to their guests that they have chosen to register with or they can order our complimentary ‘insert cards’ which they can put in with their invitations.


insert cards , Recipe Giftbook, alternative Wedding Gift, wedding gift, uk wedding blog, family recipe


It doesn’t cost the bride and groom a penny and provides guests with the opportunity to give a really personal gift, in return for a small contribution to the production costs.

Once complete we send the bride and groom their complimentary hardback recipe book, beautifully wrapped in a gift box.


What inspires you?

Helping couples to create something I know they will really cherish, their recipe book becomes an heirloom, something to cherish and hand down to their children.


Recipe Giftbook, alternative Wedding Gift, wedding gift, uk wedding blog, family recipe


Do trends influence your work?

The current trend for vintage ideas and personalised gifts helps Recipe Giftbook stand out at a time where people are looking for something individual.

Especially when it comes to weddings where most brides are searching for ideas to make their day unique and special.

The recipe book is hardback which in this current digital world may seem to go against the trend but we have found our couples love to have something tactile something they can embrace and value.


What is your greatest achievement?

On a personal level it was reaching a stage where I could give up my day job (in the renewables and environment industry) and work on my own business full time.

I probably work harder but I enjoy every minute and I have loved joining the wedding industry.

It feels like such a happy industry to work in! Surrounded by glorious products (cakes, flowers, confetti, dresses) and professionals (photographers, entertainers, wedding planners, bloggers) as well as the brides and grooms all working merrily towards their big day.


What do you see as the future of your Company? 

I would love to continue to grow the business in the UK and then consider providing the service in other countries.


Recipe Giftbook, alternative Wedding Gift, wedding gift, uk wedding blog, family recipe


How it works –  six simple steps

• Step 1 – Register Online

• Step 2 – Choose style of recipe book

• Step 3 – Tell your guests

• Step 4 – Guests add recipes online

• Step 5 – Receive your book

• Step 6 – Put the oven on


Frequently Asked Questions:

• How much does it cost?

Its free to the bride and groom, guests just pay a small contribution towards the production costs (£4.99 to add a page)

• I would like an additional copy, can I buy another?

Yes, once the book is finished we will send the bride and groom an email with a unique link to buy additional copies.

They can also share the link with their friends and family if they want to allow them to purchase a copy.

• What if one of my guests can’t get on the internet to add a recipe?

Its simple, just download the printable form (on the FAQ page) and send it to them.

They can fill in their recipe details and the bride and groom can add the recipe online for them. Alternatively they can ring our customer services number and speak to one of our helpful staff who can add the recipe online for them and take payment over the phone.

• Can the bride and groom add recipes too?

Yes, the bride and groom can add 3 recipes of their own free of charge.

• We are setting up home; can our guests buy us vouchers?

Yes, when you set up registration just click the option to allow your guests to buy you vouchers.

They will be posted to you along with your completed recipe book.

The following stores vouchers are offered: John Lewis, M&S, Debenhams, Next, BHS, House of Fraser, Selfridges, Laura Ashley, Argos, Thomas Cook, B&Q, Homebase.


Recipe Giftbook, alternative Wedding Gift, wedding gift, uk wedding blog, family recipe


Thank you so much to Corrie for sharing her truly unique wedding gift.

Such a special way to feel the love of your family and friends long after the I do’s have been said.

From brand new culinary delicacies to recipes passed down through generations what a wonderful  and cost effective idea that guests will love.


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