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Today I am delighted to kick off the week by showing you how to Rock your Wedding with Buns and Roses.

They are cake and flower designers specialising in weddings and celebrations, and are based in St.Ives in Cambridgeshire.




I had a chat with Lisa, one half of the duo about the blossoming brand…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“Buns and Roses are myself (Lisa) and Katie; and we are two friends from Cambridgeshire.”

“We provide cakes and flowers for weddings and special occasions.”

“I am the cake creator extraordinaire (Buns!) while Katie (Rose) has a talent for arranging beautiful flowers.”

“We love working with brides, helping to create a wedding that suits their style and personality.”


When and why did you start your Company?

“We actually started Buns and Roses this year; and we just  launched our Facebook page in May!”

“Buns and Roses has been an idea for a few years now.”

“We met and became good friends at baby groups when our sons were tiny when I was just starting my own celebration cake company.”

“Katie has a long-term love of flower arranging after creating all the flowers at her wedding 6 years ago, and went on to do the flowers at various family’s and friends weddings (including mine).”

“One evening, the idea came up after a bottle of wine that we should combine our talents. It just made perfect sense!”


What inspires you?

“As we are creating cakes and flowers for individuals, the bride’s own style and ideas is a major source of inspiration for us, and we take our lead from them.”

“Even those brides who don’t have a clear vision of their wedding will always have preferences on colours, size and how extravagant they want to be!”

“Another massive inspiration source has to be Pinterest; there are ideas on there for just about every setting, colour scheme, theme you can think of. Its like wedding planning heaven!”








Do trends influence your work?

“Our work is definitely influenced by trends as our brides are influenced by trends. And its so important to stay current with our cakes and wedding flowers.”

“Brides have so much choice now, and so many ideas at their fingertips through the internet.”

“They need their suppliers to have their fingers on the pulse to help create their vision.”

“This is even more true with the wedding cake and flowers as they are so visual and have a big impact on the overall scheme.”


What is your greatest achievement?

“For us, our greatest achievement is creating and launching Buns and Roses!”

“It is still such a new company but so far we have had an amazing response to us, our portfolio, our website and our branding!”

“We already have several weddings booked in for this year and next; its the best start we could have hoped for!”


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“Our dream would be to have premises on the outskirts of Cambridge, with a coffee shop out the front and a separate bakery &  a flower workshop at the back.”

“We want to go the distance with Buns and Roses, and be recognised for our work.”

“We would love to be a key player in the local wedding market – the company you recommend to your friend as soon as they get engaged.”






Thank you so much to Lisa and Katie for sharing their beautiful work with us.

I think this is an inspired pairing as cakes and flowers are so often interlinked in the styling of the day.


To Contact Buns and Roses 



Phone: Cakes – 07590 318518, Flowers – 07940 554193





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