Romantic, powerful and inspiring Bridal jewellery from Alin Yerushalmi

Today I am delighted to share the romantic, powerful and inspiring Bridal jewellery of Alin Yerushalmi who is based in Israel.

Alin  designs Wedding Jewellery for brides and  bridesmaids and for other special occasions.

Her collection includes bridal necklaces, wedding earrings, and bridal bracelets.


crystal-headband, alin-yerushalmi, bridal-jewellery, bridal-accessories


I hand over to Alin….


Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Alin Yerushalmi and I am a jewelry designer based in Israel.

I have my own line of romantic, powerful and inspiring jewels for the everyday women on her special day.


When and why did you start your Company?

The company or, as I like to call is, the great love affair of my life, was founded at 2008.

I felt a calling inside to create, to have a say in the art and jewelry world.

As an artist and a designer it’s important to express yourself, and my way of making a difference was by making women feel good about themselves through my jewllery and bridal jewellery.


What inspires you?

History for one, and moreover, the Victorian and classical times where strong and influential women were writings history with the wave of a hand or a hidden smile, women like: Queen Elizabeth, Anne Boleyn and Josephine Bonaparte.

But also Flowers and Nature are a great inspiration for beauty, colour and life.


Do trends influence your work?

Not so much trends as great love stories, as I mentioned, I would have preferred them taking place at the Victorian times, but fairy tales or even the Titanic are a great influence


What is your greatest achievement?

I would have to say helping BRIDES, as I am so in love with weddings and find my greatest joy in making brides and the people around them look beautiful on their special day.

I feel fortunate, and it is a privilege that I am able to reach brides all around the globe and not just Israel.


What do you see as the future of your Company?

Well, a quite challenging but not unattainable dream of mine is to have an article about my jewellery in some of the UK’s biggest bridal magazines.


Ann-Bracelet, alin-Yerushalmi, bridal-jewellery, bridal-accessories

Ann-Bracelet, alin-Yerushalmi, bridal-jewellery, bridal-accessories

emma-Earring, Alin-Yerushalmi, bridal-jewellery, bridal-accessories

emma-Earring, Alin-Yerushalmi , bridal jewellery, bridal accessories, Make-up: Galina Ilievsky, Hair: Yehuda Dvash, Photo grapher: Mark Perelmuter, Model: Ganel Sinetar
Photographer: Mark Perelmuter

emma-silver-hairpin, alin-yerushalmi, bridal-jewellery, bridal-accessories

Emma-silver-necklace, alin-yerushalmi, bridal-jewellery, bridal-accessories

Flora-necklace, alin-Yerushalmi, bridal-jewellery, bridal-accessories

FOUR-sisters-gold- necklace, alin-yerushalmi, bridal jewellery, bridal-accessories ,  Make up: Galina Ilievsky, Hair: Yehuda Dvash, Photographer: Mbi Photo - Make Model: Yuli Nov
Photographer: Mbi Photo

Francis-bracelet, alin-yerushalmi, bridal-jewellery, bridal-accessories

francis-earrings, alin-yerushalmi, bridal-jewellery, bridal-accessories

jasmine-gold-necklace-alin-yerushalmi, bridal-jewellery, bridal accessories

Jenny-necklace-alin-yerushalmi, bridal-jewllery, bridal-accessories

juliet-pearl-bracelet, alin-yerushalmi, bridal-jewellery, bridal-accessories

natalie-hairpin, alin-yerushalmi, bridal-jewellery, bridal-accessories

sally-silver-earring, alin-yerushalmi, bridal-jewellery, bridal-accessories


Thank you so much to Alin for sharing her stunning Bridal jewellery with us today.

I love the ethnicity of the designs and their contrasting delicacy and boldness all at once.

Gorgeous pieces for your Wedding day and beyond…


To Contact Alin Yerushalmi

Etsy Shop:






*NOTE – This company ships to the UK


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