Rose Garden Accessories – New Luxury Collection

This morning I am thrilled to share a preview of the 2012 Luxury Collection from Diana Evans of Rose Garden Accessories.

Rose Garden Accessories specialises in wedding and special occasion accessories. The  jewellery is designed and handcrafted from a small workshop in rural Bedfordshire. Diana only uses the best quality materials, and careful attention is paid to every detail – none of her jewellery is mass produced, every item is made to order. She is passionate about sourcing as many components, fabrics and crystal from the UK.

Diana’s range of hair decoration, jewellery and bridal accessories have been designed to complement many styles of wedding dresses and occasion wear. Rose Garden pieces are made using Swarovski crystals and pearls, freshwater pearls, sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones. Styles can be adapted to accommodate other colours and proportions.

I spoke to Diana to discover what makes her tick, and her inspiration behind this stunning Collection,

“I opened Rose Garden Accessories in 2008, making jewellery and tiaras, but without a clear style.  As the years have passed, I have developed my skills greatly and have moved away from the more traditional crystal and wire creations, concentrating more on making silk flowers and more recently embroidery.”

“Nature is my number one inspiration, and everything I design comes from my appreciation of the natural world.”

“With my designs, particularly the flowers, if I can capture just some of the pure beauty of a rose coming into bloom in my garden, that makes me very happy.”

I love to mix textiles with sparkle and use a lot of dupion and habotai silk in my floral designs, as well as pearls and crystals.

“I have been designing and making this collection for some time, and the main pieces of the collection are the bead embroidery pieces.”

“These pieces were all developed freestyle with a only a very rough sketch of an outline to start – it was a very long process to complete each piece, deciding which colours, textures and shapes went together as the design developed.  I am so excited about how they turned out that it made the many hours, pricked fingers and crossed eyes well worth it!”

“The pieces are so flexible that each design can be adapted to be attached to hair combs to wear in the hair, ribbons to wear as hair bands or sashes, or made into cuffs – as well as tailoring the colours of the beading to match any scheme.  The possibilities are endless.”

“As well as the embroidered pieces, there will also be some more flowers to add to the collection and a select few key pieces of jewellery.”

“The Luxury Collection pieces are for anyone who loves intricate detailing and something truly made with dedication and attention to detail.  Along with my silk flowers, in the future I would love to create embellishments for bridal gowns, hats and other attire.”

Luxury Flower Comb

Luxury Headband

Luxury Cuff

Luxury Fan Comb

Luxury Small Flower Comb

 Rose Headpiece

Thank you so much to Diana for sharing her beautiful new pieces.

I love both the intricacy and delicacy of the designs yet they make a bold style statement….gorgeous.

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