RSVIP Invitations – Custom and creative CD Invitations for Weddings & Events

Today I am delighted to introduce the fabulous RSVIP  Invitations who create the most fantastic CD invitations and matching stationery for Weddings and Events.

We all like something new and snazzy and these ingenious invitations are something that will get you as the happy couple and your guests pretty excited!


RSVIP Invitations - Wedding Invite, CD Invitations, CD Wedding invitations, CD event invitations



I hand over to  Tom to tell you all about this blossoming Business…..


Who are you, and what do you do?

“We are RSVIP Invitations and we create amazingly unique personalised CD wedding invitations and matching stationery.”

“We offer a bespoke design service for your invitations based upon what you tell us about yourselves.”

“We can incorporate any styles, colours or themes you want for your big day.”

“The CD invitations are incredibly tactile and just wonderful.”

“We supply the discs fully printed but blank so you can burn whatever you like to the disc – music, photos, videos, directions and wedding info, anything you like really!”

“If a CD doesn’t have enough storage we can supply you with DVD or Blu-Ray invitations also!”

“For the couples who want to carry on their theme right through their day, can feel comfortable that design and colour scheme they chose will flow smoothly across all their wedding stationery provided by us.”

“From seating plans and menus to favours and thank you’s – it’s the same expert design and high quality finish.”


When and why did you start your Company?

“We started the company in late 2013 when we were looking for invitations for our own wedding and struggled to find something that would really wow our guests.”

“We wanted something different to the norm, something really exciting – and it had to be on affordable!”

“We couldn’t find what we wanted anywhere – so being the practical man of the house I set about finding a way in which we could do it ourselves – and the results were remarkable.”

“The feedback from guests… even better, everyone was simply amazed.”

“We’ve spent time researching the market and fact finding and are now ready to launch.”

“We are new to the market but with our products, ideas and designs – we are absolutely sure we will help you ‘wow’ your guests and get them super excited for your big day!”

“Our CD invitations are so fun and unique they work as excellent wedding day reminders and keepsakes.”

“Fill the CD with music and let your guests keep it in the car or in the kitchen stereo listening to your favourite songs to get them in the party mood before your wedding!”


What inspires you?

“At RSVIP Invitations we love music and that was part of the inspiration behind our idea with the CD invitation – get your guests excited with a fantastic mix CD of your favourite love songs!”

“We also love great design, we both have design backgrounds and we knew what we wanted, which is great because it means for the couples who have clear ideas on what they want we can easily translate their ideas into a super cool custom invite.”

“It also means those couples who perhaps aren’t sure on what they want, can let us take the creative reigns and design them something out of this world.”


Do trends influence your work?

“Currently trends don’t influence the products but they can influence the designs we offer.”

“Our customers are lucky because each time they are getting a custom design, which is personal to them.”

“If they have a favourite song, lyric, quote or line from a movie we can incorporate it.”

“If they have specific colour schemes they want to use, it’s not a problem.”

“We don’t like to restrict our customers with what they can and can’t have – weddings are special and it’s important the invitations are equally special.”


What do you see as the future of your Company? 

“First of all we see ourselves delighting happy couples around the country with our super special, truly unique and fun CD wedding invitations and matching stationery from RSVIP Invitations.”

“We’d love to see the company grow over the next 12 months and increase the range of products and services we offer.”

“We see ourselves and our products getting a lot of interest nationally and internationally within the wedding market and perhaps spreading ourselves into other markets also.”

“Another goal of ours is see our products featured in mainstream printed wedding magazines.”


RSVIP Invitations - Wedding Invite, CD invitations, CD Event invitations, CD Wedding Invitations

RSVIP Invitations - Wedding Invite, CD Invitations, CD Wedding Invitations, CD Event invitations

RSVIP Invitations - Wedding Invite, CD Invitations, CD Wedding Invitations, CD Event invitations


Thanks so much to the RSVIP team fo sharing their amazing new CD Invitations.

They are creative, very stylish, fantastic quality and will most certainly get your guests talking.


To Contact RSVIP Invitations



Phone: 07515389131




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