Scottish themed jewellery & accessories from Truly Truly Tartan

Today I am thrilled to spotlight on Truly Truly Tartan, a small business based in Scotland, creating Scottish themed jewellery and accessories all designed and handmade by Trish Tracy.

Now if you are anything like me you love a bit of tartan, and these stunning necklaces, tie pins, cufflinks, earrings, clocks and more take the fabric and give it a stylish twist.


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Trish tells us all about her blossoming Business…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“Hello, I am Trish Tracy and I am a Glasgow born designer.”

“My business is Truly Truly Tartan,  a design and manufacturing business, supplying Scottish themed jewellery and accessories, all individually designed and handmade in Scotland.”

“With all products handmade in Scotland and carrying my unique ‘No Quibble Guarantee’ customers can order any of my designs in a choice of woven tartans that are continuously being added to.”

“Broadloom tartan fabrics – as traditionally used by kilts makers, etc – do not work with our products, as the overall pattern is to large meaning that we would only be able to display a small segment of the tartan.”

“Working from broadloom tartan fabrics, we use our own software to miniaturise each tartan so that it can be woven by our own, UK based, specialist weavers.”


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“Truly Truly Tartan is unique in that we can, subject to design ownership and if applicable, designer royalties, commission special weaves of the tartan of your choice.”

“Our over-riding objective when designing a new special weave tartan is to retain the ‘essence’ of the tartan and as such a small degree of compromise is essential as we are limited in the number of ‘ends’ that are available for ‘narrow’ width weaving.”

“The process of commissioning a new narrow width tartan fabric takes approx’ 13 weeks (initial discussion to delivery) and reflects the care and attention to detail that we adopt at each stage of the development.”

“Where we receive commissions from a customer, each stage of the process from design to weaving is discussed and agreed (between ourselves, our customer and weaver) thus allowing changes, if necessary, to be made.”

“At this time, we have a standard range of 35 authentic tartans from which customers may choose.”


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When and why did you start your Company?

“I have been a regular at the Highland Games for several years, and I first made and sold my Tartan themed Jewellery in 2008 and have seen demand grow year on year ever since.”

“Due to the popularity of the range with tourists visiting Scotland as well as the general public, I decided to brand my Tartan Ranges of products as Truly Truly Tartan in September 2014.”

My core values are that:

Guarentee – “I offer a “No Quibble” Guarantee on all items designed and handmade by Truly Truly Tartan.”

“The only exception being Earrings, which for hygiene reasons, can only be returned for quality problems.”

Quality – “I believe that QUALITY is on a pedestal and therefore will never be compromised.”

“Every item sold by Truly Truly Tartan is designed and handcrafted by myself alone.”

“I use only the finest woven tartan fabrics, materials and components sourced from known and reputable suppliers.”

“Where applicable (Jewellery) all components are Nickel Free and conform to both UK and EU legislation.”

Customer Expectations – “To simply satisfy a customer’s expectations is never enough – only by exceeding a customer’s expectations can any business hope to succeed.”

“I will always strive to exceed a customer’s expectations.”


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What inspires you?

“Scotland’s rich heritage traditions and culture are my greatest love.”

“Clan Tartans have fascinated me since childhood as each Tartan has a unique history.”


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Do trends influence your work?

“Being a designer / maker, fashion trends are important however Tartan is ageless and adored around the world much like Scottish Whisky!!”


Truly Truly Tartan, cufflinks , image - the studio BOW


What is your greatest achievement?

 There have been many, however I would say launching Truly Truly Tartan as a new brand name on the High Street and seeing it grow to over 30 retailers in 12 months is right up there!


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What do you see as the future of your Company?

“Looking to the future I would like to see a further increase in the number of Scottish Retailers stocking the Truly Truly Tartan range”

“I would also like to see some overseas growth and I am very optimistic.”


Truly Truly Tartan, tartan necklace, image - the studio BOW


If you are a Scottish Bride, eloping to our beautiful shores or just because you love tartan, these designs add some beautiful celtic flair to any Big Day, or to accessorise any stylish outfit.


To Contact Truly Truly Tartan



Phone: 0141 291 5999





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