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The Secret Singers are the perfect surprise package for those wanting to dazzle and excite guests at their Event, and today I am delighted to feature them on the Blog.

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Singing Waiters will blend in with the actual waiters of your event, serving your guests and getting to know them. As your party reaches the end of its meal, a custom scenario will then spring into action (anything from a simple toast, to a fully blown argument between the Secret Singers!).

This will definitely get everybody’s attention before they burst into full song, singing a mix of party hits, love songs and any requests made in advance.

I had a chat with Luke Callow of the Secret Singers to find out about this dynamic Business.

Who are you, and what do you do?

Secret Singers is the invention of myself, Luke Callow and Rakesh Boury. We  met during theatre school back in 2002, and naturally became close friends. We found an uncanny resemblance in each other, from our motivation and desire to succeed, to our humourus side and comedy timing!”

“Originally from South Wales, I was brought up within a musical family with both my parents were in pop bands back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.”

“Being transported around to different music festivals as a child definitely rubbed off. I knew what I wanted to do as I grew up, which was to perform and see the world!”

“Rakesh was brought up in Hull, where both his parents are involved in the Pharmaceutical industry. So it was only natural that he seek a career, on the stage!”

“Rakesh has already accomplished so much in such a small time, getting his first professional job straight out of college playing understudy to one of the leads in the West End’s Queen phenomenon, We Will Rock You.”

Secret Singers specialise in surprise entertainment for all sorts of occasions, from Weddings and Birthday’s, to Private parties and Corporate events.”

“We can also provide drinks reception entertainment, evening singers and even DJ’s though our most popular surprise would most definitely be the Singing Waiters.”

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When, and why did you start your Business?

Secret Singers was conceived in 2010, but probably wouldn’t even be around if it wasn’t for the competition.”

“Both myself and Rakesh, plus some of the other singers on the Secret Singers books have worked at some point in the
past for similar companies, and it was due to our  frustration that we decided to fly solo.”

“Being brought up in the professional theatre world, and having trained at some of the most prestigious theatre schools in the UK, we all have a natural desire to be the best.”

“It is drilled into us at Theatre School. Discipline, Technique, Focus, Drive, Perfection. Working for the
competition certainly was an eye opener.”

“To give you an idea of how “different” it was at times, imagine singing at a wedding alongside another
“professional” who was reading the lyrics off their phone, or singing with someone who’s never sung professionally before? It was time for a change!”

“So we decided to form our own business but to a much higher standard, and to use only theatre trained professionals. That way we’re all singing from the same sheet!”

“We realise the trust between us and the client in providing that special spark at an event, and with the quality within Secret Singers we are fully confident in meeting and exceeding expectations.”

What inspires you?

“This may sound cheesy, but being a performer you have this desire to entertain and put smiles on peoples faces. Nothing beats seeing a beautiful bride smile as we entertain and surprise on her special day. Or getting an
entire room to swing napkins in the air!”

“We absolutely love what we do, and sometimes can’t believe it is our job to entertain at peoples special occasions, and get people dancing and singing along with us.”

“It’s creating those special moments that people will talk about for years to come! It brings people together.”

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What is your greatest achievement?

“We feel so privileged to play our part at every event we attend, and treat every party and wedding with equal excitement.”

” Just in November last year we were personally invited to perform our Secret Singers act in Singapore for
the President of the country, and for the Mayor of Stuttgart.”

“This was huge for us, and never really sunk in until we boarded our flight for Singapore.
It gave us so much confidence that we were able to organise such a trip, and from the feedback we have received we may well get the chance to return in the near future!”

“Might I also add performing at the Wedding Ideas Awards 2013 was also a pretty humbling experience.”

” To be invited to perform for so many prestigious and successful companies within wedding industry will be something we’ll never forget!”

What’s the future for Secret Singers.

“More surprises! We can never give too much away which can be slightly frustrating, but it only adds to the excitement!”

“Let’s put it this way. We are always pushing the boundaries, thinking of new surprise scenarios, new ways to excite guests, new songs to sing, new professionals to join the team. We don’t believe in standing still.”

After a fantastic performance on Friday night at the Wedding Ideas Magazine Awards and meeting these lovely people I can heartily recommend them. They really work with and excite the crowd.

I am delighted to share an excerpt of their performance from the evening.

And also a clip from a Wedding


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