Shoe Lust ! – Hand Painted Wedding Shoes by Beautiful Moment

Now ladies, we do have a wee bit of  Shoe Love going on, and Wowsers they don’t come more striking that these stunning hand painted Wedding Shoes.

Bespoke shoes are growing in popularity as unique brides seek to put their creative stamp on their wedding day.

Whether its a pair of stunning heels or some dancing flats for the new “Mrs”, whether your style is glamour and glitz or vintage, Beautiful Moment  can help your shoe dreams come true!

hand painted wedding shoes, beautiful moment art


Claire’s work is known for its colourful romantic imagery, and I am very excited to share this incredible lady on the Blog today.

I hand you over the  lady herself to let her tell you all about Beautiful Moment,

Who are you, and what do you do ?

“My name is Claire Jones and I’m an artist and creator of “Beautiful Moment” which is an artistic venture providing Bespoke  hand painted shoes for weddings and other special occasions, and also wedding artwork such as portraits.”
When and why did you start your Business?

“I graduated in Illustration from University and have a studio in Essex where I paint and am part of a Gallery but it was only this year that I started Beautiful Moment.”

“I was looking at the romantic nature of my work which involved a lot of floral imagery and female figures and wondered how I could apply what I loved doing on a personal level to a wider market and the wedding Industry seemed a perfect fit.”

“I started with the portraits but a friend who was getting married asked if I could put some artwork onto her shoes to personalise them and I really got a taste for it and showcased some at a wedding fair. It has proved to be so popular the portraits have taken more of a back seat.”

“It is an unusual canvas I will admit but the wearable aspect of the art is something quite unique.”
What inspires you ?

“Being an artist you draw inspiration from so many sources, places you visit, experiences you have, but I would have to say my greatest inspiration is Love!”

“I’m a hopeless romantic and happily married myself so working with Brides I have a lot of enthusiasm!”

“Also music and flowers. There’s nothing closer to perfection in nature than a Rose in my opinion. I like having a vase of flowers around when I’m working as even on a miserable rainy day they makes you feel better!”
Do trends have a major impact on your work?

“I don’t purposely follow any trends but if I see something such as the Baroque style which has recently been on the catwalk and it fits my personal style I might try to work that into designs.”

“I listen to what the bride wants and then we work together on getting to a final design. I think the fact that people are looking for new ways to make their wedding that little bit more special by adding these bespoke touches is a trend in itself.”

“The vintage wedding sector lends itself quite well to what I’ve been doing as there’s a timeless quality to art that crosses over nicely into a vintage themed wedding but at the same time gives it a modern twist.”

Whats your greatest accomplishment ?

“So far as the business goes I’m still at such an early stage that I can’t boast any monumental accomplishments as yet other than the happiness and great feedback from my customers!”

“On a personal level my two sons will always be the most beautiful things I’ve created!”
Whats the future for your Business?

“To continue building my reputation as an artist and reach a wider audience. Social networking is great for this and also there is a lovely network of suppliers in Essex especially in the vintage wedding sector who have been really supportive.”

“As I am only just starting out and building a portfolio in this industry I’m currently offering my service at an Introductory rate which is a really great price for the time and skill it takes to do the work.”

“Customers have the artwork done onto shoes they buy themselves first but I guess the ultimate dream would be to have a sort of shoe gallery boutique with my own shoe range to work on to make them even more unique!”

Gothic Romantic

hand painted wedding shoes, beautiful moment art

Greatest Day

hand painted wedding shoes, beautiful moment art

hand painted wedding shoes, beautiful moment art

 Pink Baroque

hand painted wedding shoes, beautiful moment art

Ivory on Ivory with painted Cala Lilies

hand painted wedding shoes, beautiful moment art

Over The Rainbow

hand painted wedding shoes, beautiful moment art

 Bespoke Commission

hand painted wedding shoes, beautiful moment art


Thanks so much to Claire for sharing her extraordinary creations,  just utterly beautiful and we ladies do adore some gorgeous footwear !


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Pink rose “Love me Tender” shoe – Photo credit – Wendy Beckett


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