Jumping Spider Films – Slick, modern & creative wedding videography

Today I am thrilled to shine the spotlight on Jumping Spider Films who create slick, modern & creative wedding videography.

Jumping Spider Films was started in 2010 by television editors and cameramen Alexis Anoyrkatis & Matt King.

With over 10 years experience in TV and Film and exceptional knowledge of wedding videography, they are a partnership who have made TV programmes for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, FIVE and Sky.

Their aim was to be the most innovative and renowned filmmakers in the wedding and events industry; and to create bespoke wedding videos of the highest quality.

Their wedding videography is extremely discreet and their style natural.


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I hand you over to the team to tell you all about the Brand…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“Here at Jumping Spider Films, you’ll find a small (but growing!) team of creative movie mavericks, nifty video ninjas and clever editing elves (think Lord of the Rings rather than the old Shoemakers’)”

“We are wedding videographers with a difference, no lazy PowerPoint style transitions and definitely no folksy Greensleeves background music, well, not unless that’s really the soundtrack you want.”


Alex&Nick, jumping spider films, wedding videography, bespoke wedding video, wedding film


When and why did you start your Company?

“Jumping Spider Films quietly crept onto the scene in 2010, our aim was to be the most imaginative and innovative filmmakers in the wedding videography and events industry; we wanted to create bespoke wedding videos of the highest quality.”

“So that’s what we did and it’s what we continue to do – and now that we’ve steadily built up our back catalogue, worked with some great couples and filmed at some incredible venues, we think we’ve earned our stripes enough to start shouting about it.”


Darren&Helen, jumping spider films, wedding videography, bespoke wedding video, wedding film


What inspires you?

“Our films are much more than just your basic wedding video, they are far from haphazardly chopped up chunks of mono-angled footage and muffled audio, interspersed with a handful of edited-in wedding photographs.”

“We expertly capture everything that’s important to our couples, the detail in the detail, we shoot the smiles of friends and family, the delicate beading on a brides’ beautiful gown and we appreciate that the ribbons on the flowers match the bows on the place settings.”

“We get that you have spent hours sourcing pretty, personalized, vintage bunting and that you must have flicked through hundreds of magazine pages and then clicked on a thousand Google images to find the perfect cake.”

“Everything on the day, that one, big day, is there to tell your love story – we get to film it, we know the end result will be something you’ll treasure forever and we find that that’s often inspiration enough.”


Laura&Rob, jumping spider films, wedding videography, bespoke wedding video, wedding film


Do trends influence your work?

“At Jumping Spider Films, no two weddings have ever been the same, we’ve seen plenty of different themes, several different colour schemes, we’ve shot traditional church services and discovered some great, contemporary destination venues.”

“We also have some rather sassily named videography packages – here else can you choose the Clark Gable or the Patrick Swayze – they are usually just the starting point.”

“We don’t want to pigeon hole our couples into picking an off-the-peg services bundle based around what’s hot or what’s not.”

“We are influenced by the people who choose us; we’re excited by their energy and their enthusiasm and so we get to know them, ask plenty of relevant questions and work with them to complement exactly what they want their special day to be.”


Rayment Highlights, jumping spider films, wedding videography, bespoke wedding video, wedding film


What is your greatest achievement?

“The editing of each wedding film is just as important, if not more so, than the filming itself.”

“We are really happy with what we we’ve been able to produce and by excelling in each of these aspects, our wedding films have become highly regarded, not only by other wedding professionals but by all of the couples we have worked with without exception and so we’ve some really kind, rewarding testimonials on our website to show for it.”

“We make wedding films, not just wedding highlights but mini movies, with our wonderful couples and their friends and family as the stars.”

“Our wedding videography is extremely discreet and our style is natural and honest yet at the same time, cool and contemporary.”

“Our service is both personal yet professional and our films are truly memorable; we’re really proud that what we do is a beautiful, lasting reminder of a day that always goes far too quickly.”


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“We’d quite like to just keep doing what we’re doing but what we’d really love is to do more of it!”

“We want to put wedding videography not just firmly on the map, but all over it; putting choosing a wedding film at the top of a couples’ to-do list rather than, as has previously been the case, something they’ll add if they’ve enough left in the wedding fund.”

“By offering good value for money, a truly personable and individual service and a super stylish, unique end product, we hope we’re on the way to doing just that.”


Below are some examples of our work….






Thank you to the tea for sharing their amazing talent.

Wedding videography is something that can be overlooked in planning a wedding, but is so worth it to look back on those beautiful unseen moments that make up the tapestry of the Wedding day.

A photograph captures the feeling and is so important but videography lets you relive those special moments again and again and is definitely something to think about.


Of course at Jumping Spider Films, they are all over the web… (pun totally intended)


To Contact Jumping Spider Films

Website: http://www.jumpingspiderfilms.co.uk

Email: info@jumpingspiderfilms.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jumpingspiderfilms

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jumping__spider

Blog: http://jumpingspiderfilms.co.uk/blog/

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/jumpingspiderfilms

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user4221502


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