Something Brewed ~ Speciality Coffee & Tea Pop-Up Brew Bar for Weddings & Special Events

Today  am really excited to spotlight on Something Brewed, Scotland’s Speciality Coffee & Tea Pop-Up Brew Bar for Weddings & Special Events.

The Brand is based in Glasgow.

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There is nothing better than a brew. Its there to wake you up in the morning, its there on frosty day to warm those cockles, its even there on the most difficult days we endure in life.

Personally I am a bit of a tea jenny but several of my family love the many blends of coffee, and though not to my palette I do love the smell of a rich roast.

I recently met Gillian to talk all things brew and now I hand you over to her and Craig to tell you about this blossoming Brand…


Who are you and what do you do?

“We are Something Brewed, we are the dream supplier for anyone who dreams about coffee!”

“Something Brewed is Craig and Gill, a newly married couple with a serious passion for coffee who wish to bring that passion to your wedding day.”

“We offer speciality grade coffees, including all espresso drinks (your lattes/cappuccinos etc) as well as hand brewed filter coffees, made using the V60 method.”

“All drinks are served from our handmade coffee cart, which will slot easily at the side of your wedding reception or featured all day in your DIY barn setup.”

“We also offer a range of teas and other exciting drinks such as homemade lemonade and Cold Brew coffees.”

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Why and when did you start your business?

“The business was born out of necessity.”

“We got engaged Christmas 2015 and began organising our own wedding, the more we discussed what we cared about being featured we realised that having nice coffee was very important to both of us.”

“We share a passion for coffee and the idea of bitter, weak, crap coffee at our wedding didn’t make any sense.”

“We began searching for the perfect supplier only to discover that they don’t exist, so we became it!”

“We knew that we would at least be successful at our own wedding even if no one else shared our passion, however the reality has been that loads of people agree with us!”

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What inspires you?

“Starting this company has introduced us to a whole world of wedding suppliers, bloggers, venues, wedding coordinators and of course newly engaged couples.”

“The common feature of them all is the passion people have displayed, either passion for their own business, or a love of the industry they work in, or of course the excitement of getting married!”

“This inspires us everyday, and is always on our mind when we are trying to grow and improve our business.”

“People have been so incredibly kind to us, helping us wherever they can and we getting to meet these people at wedding markets really showed us what an amazing industry it is that we get to work in, full of interesting, inspiring people.”

“In addition to the wedding industry we are also inspired by the coffee! So many new things are being discovered every day.”

“There are lots of very enthusiastic people working in the coffee industry either roasting beans, opening coffee shops, running pop ups or even sourcing their own coffee beans.”

“The industrious nature of people that work in coffee has always made us very determined to have a little space in there to call our own.”

“Furthermore, the general public are coming round to coffee as a speciality product more and more each day.”

“Peoples tastes are becoming more accustomed to a higher quality of coffee, and so we are starting to see speciality coffee appear in different areas of our life more and more, why not weddings?”

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What’s your greatest achievement?

“It would have to be seeing the cart working for the first time.”

“When the business began we had a rough idea of what we wanted to serve coffee from.”

“We bought some used apple crates and Gill’s Dad basically built what we had in our heads.”

“However building something based on an idea, and the idea being practical under working conditions are two completely different things.”

“So when we finally had the chance to work together behind the cart at a wedding market, serving coffees, chatting to brides and grooms to be, it was very exciting and definitely our greatest achievement to date.”

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What is the future of Something Brewed?

“The simple answer is we don’t know right now.”

“Since starting this business we have discovered that the possibilities for us are endless.”

“We could extend ourselves beyond weddings very easily, but even beyond that we have some ideas.”

“However we are still committed to growing the wedding side of this business right now as it is still so new for us, and our customers!”

“We are determined to raise the profile of this little brown drink, so that people automatically think of it as a speciality product, worth spending a little money on like they do food or alcohol.”

neil-jarvie-photography, something-brewed, brew-bar, speciality-coffee, speciality-tea

What an amazing idea!

Who doesn’t appreciate a really rich blend with all its coffee possibilities, expresso, latte, cappacino..

Its an incredible alternative way to get your guests talking and boost their energy to party into the wee hours.


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Image Credits: The Curries/The Wedding Collective (main image), Neil Jarvie Photography (All other images)



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