Spectacular projection mapped cakes from Luma Bakery

Today I am delighted to share the spectacular projection mapped cakes from Luma Bakery.

As specialists in cake projection mapping, Luma Bakery brings together digital technology and an artistic background in film and theatre to create unforgettable projection mapped cakes for weddings, parties and corporate events.

Think cakes but then take a step beyond, these cakes come to life…

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I hand you over to Georgia to tell you all about her Business…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“I’m Georgia, owner and lead designer of Luma Bakery which specialises in creating spectacular projection mapped cakes.”

“If you’re wondering what that means, we project animated decorations on to edible cakes using a technique known as “projection mapping” which uses software to ‘map’ images or video to custom surfaces.”

luma-bakery, projection-mapped-cakes, personalised-cake, wedding cakes

When and why did you start your Company?

“Back in 2014 a projection mapped cake from Disney Fairytale Weddings went viral.”

“At the time I saw it I was working as an animator for a company that provides projections for theatre and live events.”

“I thought the projection cake idea was fabulous but I noticed no one had brought it to the UK yet.”

“A good friend of mine runs her own successful cake-making company – the wonderful and talented Gulgun Chakartash of Gully’s Patisserie.”

“I knew that working in partnership we could get the idea off the ground. We were ready to launch the product at the beginning of this year.”

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What inspires you?

“I often get a real buzz when I’m setting up before an event and the moment I turn on the projections everyone around stops what they’re doing to say “wow” or get out their phones to film it.”

“For me, that’s proof that it’s a show-stopping product and I feel inspired to keep going and making the product better.”

“It also makes me happy to watch the client’s excitement when they see personalised content on the cake for the first time.”

“We did an intimate, quirky wedding at Cley Windmill in North Norfolk this summer.”

“The bride and groom are keen sailors and they race traditional cockle boats.”

“I surprised them but adapting a still photograph of them racing by transforming it into an animation and having them glide past their competitors and across the finish line.”

“They were delighted and so were the guests.”

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Do trends influence your work?

“Absolutely. And the best thing about the concept is that it’s infinitely flexible – the cake is a canvas, there for painting whatever your imagination can dream up.”

“If florals are in next season expect animations of flowers growing over the cake and blooming before your eyes.”

“If a certain font is popular, a custom message might be written in it, a trendy colour palette, a stylish motif, a contemporary quote – anything is possible.”

“We’re able to incorporate trends from popular culture too.”

“For example, when everyone was talking about the season premiere of Game of Thrones, we created a Game of Thrones cake inspired by the opening credits of the show which saw the cake build into a red and gold clockwork castle.”

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What is your greatest achievement?

“I feel very proud of having devised the set-up for the projection cakes.”

“Other people have tried to do a similar thing but the standard is nowhere near Luma Bakery’s in the UK.”

“That’s because I’ve tested and tweaked the set-up over and over again to overcome the challenges of projecting on to a cake – and there are several. Those who think it’s simple haven’t tried it yet!”

game-of-thrones, luma-bakery-projection-mapped-cakes, wedding-cakes

What do you see as the future of your Company? 

“I hope to expose more people to the concept so they know it’s something they can incorporate into their event.”

“We get a lot of enquiries from people wanting THE Disney cake they’ve seen in the original video.”

“Obviously, Luma Bakery can’t provide that but we are excited to be releasing a gorgeous fairytale-inspired package that will satisfy even the most ardent Disney fans.”

“I also have ideas about how to push the projection mapped cake concept even further – further than anyone else has done to date, either in the UK or globally.”

“I hope to implement them some time next year – so watch this space!”


Aren’t they something!!

It takes a vision and makes it completely personal to you and is something your guests will not have seen before and will be wowed by…


To Contact Luma Bakery

Website: http://lumabakery.com/

Email: info@lumabakery.com

Phone: 07541 540 941

Be Social: Facebook  Twitter Pinterest Instagram


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