Statement handmade Couture Bridalwear for the Modern Bride from LEE KLABIN

Todays Bride is fierce, todays Bride is empowered and the exquisite handmade couture Bridalwear of Lee Klabin makes a powerful statement for the modern Bride.

On International Womens Day we celebrate strong women, we celebrate those that are out of the ordinary, the women that thrive on challenging convention in order to improve it, women who think outside the box so that they are not restricted by it, who are unapologetically themselves.

As a Bride you choose to fully express the embodiment of your personality

Fashion designer and strong woman Lee Klabin, heralded by Vogue as the ‘couture corset queen’ with an A-list clientele re-opened the doors to her fashion house with the launch of her new couture Bridalwear Collection.

The collection is inspired by her belief that “the intensity, romance and beauty of a wedding day need not end when the clock strikes midnight.

It can be refashioned into the sublime and eternal, creating an instant – and versatile – family heirloom to remind you of the best celebration of your life and the growing memories it helped launch.

As part of her creative journey Lee delved deep into the roots of couture craftsmanship and the defining characteristics of an heirloom.

Immersing herself into the arts of tailoring, knitting, crochet and embroidery, she emerged with a capsule collection of seven bridal pieces.

Using silks, jerseys, cotton and cashmere yarns, she created styles that are the epitome of timeless beauty.

The collection is centred on signature cuts that are genuinely versatile.

The pieces come in a selection of alluring colours with custom colours available upon request, and are all made to measure to ensure a perfect fit.

To suit the individuality of every bride, each piece is customisable.

The seed for Lee Klabin Bridal Couture was sown in the run up to the designer’s own wedding day in 2012.

Lee experienced first-hand how needlessly ephemeral a conventional wedding dress was. The traditional design practically excluded the future it was designed to celebrate.

She began searching for ways to ensure that wedding ensembles last far beyond the wedding party and accompany brides throughout the beautiful life journey their weddings are set to unveil.

Lee remarks: “For too long the traditional wedding dress was designed to be a single-use garment predestined to be packed away, only to serve as a nostalgic memento. Almost instantly, this beautiful dress became a part of your past and quietly retired as soon as it touched your future. But it need not be that way. It should not be that way.”

In explaining the Lee Klabin bridal concept, Lee questions: “Why shouldn’t your exquisite train be reborn into a sumptuous blanket or throw for your marital bed?  Or your wedding jacket pair casually with jeans for the school run, or a work meeting, or be snatched up by your teenage daughter for her nights out?”

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