Stunning, luxe bridal headpieces from HT Headwear

Today I am thrilled to introduce the work of HT Headwear who create stunning, affordable, luxe Bridal headpieces, handmade in England.

From 1940′s vintage inspired bridal headpieces with detachable birdcage veils to sparkly bridal hair combs or headbands all pieces are created by Helena Talbot from her studio in Richmond.


HT-headwear, belinda headpiece , photo_credit_elizabeth-lois-photography
Belinda Headpiece – HT Headwear – Image – Elizabeth Lois Photography –


I hand you over to Helena to tell you all about the Business…


Who are you, and what do you do ?

HT Headwear is a London based Millinery company that specialises in creating bespoke unique headwear pieces for all occasions.

From the finest silk to the softest velvet, HT sources all fabrics and vintage trims personally from British suppliers.

I hunt up and down the UK for vintage brooches, feathers, diamantes, pearls, and crystals, every piece is truly unique whether HT has hand dyed feathers to match fabric swatches, or added bespoke finishing touches to signature handmade silk flowers.


HT-headwear, Arietis Headpiece, Image-heline-bekker-photography
Arietis Headpiece – HT Headwear – Image – Heline Bekker Photography –


When, and why did you start the Business?

The Business was founded by myself, Helena Talbot in 2010.

HT Headwear was established whilst on my maternity leave when I decided to have a go at turning a hobby into a business..

The idea stemmed from a few headpieces I had made for friends every now and then, together with the experience of my own wedding in 2008.

At that time I just couldn’t find the perfect headpiece for me, and my bridesmaids to wear that was affordable and didn’t compromise on style.

I didn’t want a tiara, hat or something from a mass retailer that everybody else would have, and found myself limited in what I could wear without having to spend a fortune.”

I’d graduated a few years previously with a BA (Hons) in Constructive Textiles and during a gap year had completed a few millinery courses.

I had also already made a few cocktail hats for a local boutique, so I had no excuse to why I shouldn’t make the bridal headwear myself.

I launched my first HT Headwear  collection at The National Wedding Show in October 2010 and since then have gone from strength to strength, reaching the Regional Finalists stage in 2012 for The Wedding Industry Award.

Since launching my wholesale collection in September 2012 there has also been an impressively fast growing list of stockists.

I work from my Richmond studio providing a completely tailored service to all my clients, taking into account individual personalities and needs, to produce the perfect headpiece.


hawthorn_diamante_with_veil, ht_headwear
Hawthorn Diamante with Veil – HT Headwear – Image – Anton Phatianov –


What inspires you in your work?

The world, and everyone and everything around me!


Are you influenced by trends?

No, not really. I do try and keep an eye on new bridal collections so that I can ensure our headpieces will work with them, but I am a little free spirited with my designs.

I never sketch anything out, I just start making and see where it goes!


What is your greatest achievement?

My 3 gorgeous children without a doubt!


What is the future for the brand?

The future is to expand on our present stockists  and take the brand worldwide.


willow_pearl_bun_ring, ht_headwear
Willow Pearl Bun Ring – HT Headwear – Image – Anton Phatianov –
willow_pearl_bun_ring_rrp, ht_headwear
Willow Pearl Bun Ring – HT Headwear
spiralis-headpiece, ht_headwear
Spriralis Headpiece – HT Headwear
ht_headwear, arietis-headpiece, photo_credit_heline_bekker
Arietis Headpiece – HT Headpiece – Image – Heline Bekker Photography -
salvinia-headpiece, ht_headwear
Salvinia Headpiece – HT Headwear
mayaca-headpiece, ht_headwear
Mayaca Headpiece – HT Headwear
lilly_diamante_without_veil, ht_headwear
Lilly Diamante without Veil – HT Headwear
hawthorn headpiece, ht_headwear
Hawthorn Headpiece – HT headwear – Image – Anton Phatianov –
elm-headpiece-without_veil, ht_headwear
Elm Headpiece without Veil – HT Headwear
colocasia-headpiece, ht_headwear
Colcasia Headpiece – HT Headwear
charophyta -headpiece, ht_headwear
Charophyta headpiece – HT Headwear
bacopa-headpiece, ht_headwear
Bacopa Headpiece – HT Headwear
ash_diamante-without_veil, HT headwear, image Anton Phatianov
Ash Diamante without Veil – HT headwear – Image – Anton Phatianov –
ash_without_veil, ht_headwear
Ash heapiece without Veil – HT Headwear
acorn_pearl-heapiece, ht_headwear
Acorn Pearl Headpiece – HT Headwear
acorn_diamante_heapiece, ht_headwear
Acorn Dimante Headpiece – HT Headwear – Image – Anton Phatianov –


Thank you so much to Helena for sharing her glamorous, elegant and beautifully crafted bridal headpieces.


To Contact HT Headwear



Tel: 07891 819 933





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