Stylish Accessories for Wedding & Life by Lark & Lily Designs

Today I am thrilled to share these gorgeous and incredibly stylish accessories for Wedding & life by Lark & Lily Designs.

Street fashion around the globe along side art, music and the outstanding landscape of the far north of Scotland where she lives all spark ideas in her creative mind.

Texture and colour is something that often features in her work too and adds just that something different to Lark & Lily accessories.

I am a big fan and I am sure you are going to love her beautiful work too…


lark-and-lily-designs-18kt Rose Gold Vermeil-Sterling Silverand Swarovski-Rose Gold Pearl


I hand over to Lynsey MacGregor to tell you all about the Business…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“My name is Lynsey and I am the owner, designer and creator of Lark & Lily Designs.”

“From my home studio in Wick, Caithness I design and create jewellery and hair accessories/head pieces for my Lark & Lily ladies.”

“I work with a wide range of materials but I pride myself on quality, style and attention to detail.”

2I also offer a custom/bespoke service and items of jewellery can be personalised with choice of Swarovski colours, initials or engraving to having your own headpiece created just for you.”


lark-and-lily-designs-wedding-accessories-bridal-accessories-bridal-jewellery-wedding-jewellery 1

lark-and-lily-designs-wedding-accessories-bridal-accessories-bridal-jewellery-wedding-jewellery 6


Why, and when did you start the Business?

“Back in 2006 I graduated from Heriot Watt University in Galashiels with a 2:1 honours degree in textiles and fashion which reflected my passion for being creative and designing.”

“I always knew I wanted to have my own business and that helped me in choosing my degree course and my grandparents, now retired, started their café/confectionary business from nothing and that also inspired me.”

“Initially I dabbled in creating bits for myself as at the time it was cheap mass produced jewellery that filled the high street and online shops.”

“There is a place for everything but that wasn’t really my style, and I was, and still am, never one for being the same as anyone else.”

“I started making a few pieces of jewellery for gifts, mainly bracelets, and jewellery for wearing on nights out.”

“Once I finished my degree I moved home, skint and worked in banking & fashion retail.”

“I still had the dream of running my own business and took the plunge, gave up a full time stressful job, got a part time job and with £500 of savings on 1st of July 2011 Lark & Lily Designs officially began!”

“The start was jewellery and then I was asked if I could make hairbands and tiaras for a local event for a hotel celebrating a royal event.”

“said yes but had never made a tiara in my life!”

“I researched techniques, watched online demos and utilised the skills I had learned at university, which was the start of the hair accessories side of Lark & Lily Designs.”

“As you can guess by now I am self-taught in what I do but I see that as a good thing as I have had to use trial and error for designing which I feel has been less of a constraint.”

“Good things can happen when there are no strict rules and creative freedom can just flow.”


lark-and-lily-designs-wedding-accessories-bridal-accessories-bridal-jewellery-wedding-jewellery 9

lark-and-lily-designs-wedding-accessories-bridal-accessories-bridal-jewellery-wedding-jewellery 8


What inspires you?

“Colour and texture inspires my work which I think links back to my degree and also the stunning landscapes of where I live and work.”

“Caithness is full of dramatic landscapes, the famous Caithness Flagstone and dramatic skies, which change to beautiful colours throughout the year.”

“I am also lucky that the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, are visible here on a clear night.”

“That inspired me to use Swarovski Crystal in my work as they offer colours that have AB (Aurora Borealis) that I love and they were also inspired by the same skies.”


lark-and-lily-designs-wedding-accessories-bridal-accessories-bridal-jewellery-wedding-jewellery 10

lark-and-lily-designs-wedding-accessories-bridal-accessories-bridal-jewellery-wedding-jewellery 4


Do trends influence your work?

“Trends can also influence my designs, especially the colours, and I follow street fashion, bloggers and designers on Instagram from all over the world.”

“Sometimes while sourcing materials or components I spy something that catches my interest and I go from there.”

“I think working organically and being creative is when my best work can be produced, many of my headpieces are one off.”

“Inspiration can happen at any time keeps me on my toes so I always have my iPhone with me to capture images that can be used for reference.”


lark-and-lily-designs-wedding-accessories-bridal-accessories-bridal-jewellery-wedding-jewellery 5

lark-and-lily-designs-wedding-accessories-bridal-accessories-bridal-jewellery-wedding-jewellery 3


Tell us about your Greatest achievement

“My greatest achievement I feel is being here, business still going, after 5 years!”

“Many small businesses run by one person never make it past the first few years.”

“I am grateful for my customers and their support; they have kept me open for business. I have won some awards, which are fantastic, especially the ones that my customers have nominated me for.”


lark-and-lily-designs-wedding-accessories-bridal-accessories-bridal-jewellery-wedding-jewellery 11

lark-and-lily-designs-wedding-accessories-bridal-accessories-bridal-jewellery-wedding-jewellery 7


Tell us your plans for the future…

“The future of Lark & Lily Designs is hopefully bright and stylish!”

“There is a new updated online shop with new pieces in the immediate future and the long term I hope to grow a reputation in the wedding and creative industries of beautiful products!”

“Alongside this I want to grow my social media and alongside this will be a blog hopefully!”

“I want to show it doesn’t matter where you are based, you can still provide fabulous service and beautiful handcrafted products.”

“Lark & Lily Designs isn’t based in London, backed by celebrities or investors….it is me, at my work desk making sure everything is created with style and quality for my Lark & Lily Ladies.”


To balance Lynseys Wedding work I share some of her more eclectic original and downright striking designs…









Aren’t they fabulous?…


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