Supercar Weddings – Chauffeur driven Ferrari or Lamborghini for your Wedding

Today I am excited to spotlight on the awesome Supercar Weddings who offer a chauffeur driven Ferrari or Lamborghini for Brides and Grooms wanting to make a roaring entrance or exit on their Big Day.

As any Top Gear fanatic will testify supercars are just a wee bit special, and even though are out of reach to most of us to ever own what a memorable addition to your Wedding Day celebrations.


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I had a wee chat to Rachel from SuperCars about this thriving Business….


Who are you and what do you do?

“Hello, my name is Rachel and I’m married to David, and we operate a wedding chauffeur business offering a unique and different way to make a stylish arrival to your wedding.”

“We are a small family run business, based in County Durham in the North East of England.”

“However, we have travelled as far south as Leeds and Halifax and up to Morpeth and Alnwick.”

“We don’t have set package prices either, everything we do is tailor made for the couples special day and how they would like to use our car/s for their wedding.”


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Why, and when did you start your Business?

“David is a mad sports car enthusiast and LOVES Lamborghinis.”

“His enthusiasm gave him the knowledge to write a book for Amazon and when he was younger he used to say, “When I’m older I’m going to have one of those.”

“He was always on the lookout for the ‘right’ car and when it came to a time to be able to purchase one we had by then, 2 young children. ”

“He realised that he wanted to share his love of cars with his family and a 4-seat sports car was a more practical option.”

“Lamborghini made few 4-seat cars, so he looked to Ferrari and found the 456GT.”

“They are quite rare with 141 been imported to the UK and only 6 are in the scarce racing red colour with cream leather interior.”

“Finally, in 2006, we found what we feel is the perfect combination; red car, cream Connelly leather and red wilton carpets.”

“With servicing costs running quite high and some refurbishments that the perfectionist in David wanted for the car, I commented that maybe we could make the car work for itself by offering it as a wedding car?”

“Imagine the thrill and enjoyment of riding in a Ferrari to your wedding and been able to share your passion for the car with other people on the happiest of occasions. ”

“After much research ‘Ferraris4occasions’ was formed in 2007, with David aiming to take on about half a dozen weddings a year.”

“This soon escalated due to demand, and he was able to maintain and increase the already impeccable standards of the Ferrari.”


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“I stated that we are a small family run business and that’s because right from the start our car loving daughters were involved.”

“Sometimes they came to the few wedding fayres we attended and they loved to walk around looking at the other stands, seeing the bridal gowns been modelled and of course, sample a piece or 2 of wedding cake.”

“As they grew, so too did the skills they could offer us such as chatting with potential clients, designing our website, leaflets and business cards and setting us up on social media websites.”

“I wasn’t greatly involved with the business prior to 2011, but after been diagnosed with breast cancer and giving up my own self employed childminding business, things turned around in a bizarre and somewhat positive way.”

“David suggested I drive for one of the Friday weddings booked in our local area.”

“It was to collect a groom and bestman from home and take them on a detour ride out to the hotel where he was getting married.”

“However he just wanted to go straight to the venue and I sensed his nervousness. Mind, so too was I!”

“After the ceremony his mum came across and thanked me for everything and was apologetic for my wait, so I said “look, I’ll let you into a little secret, this is the first wedding I’ve driven for and you have all been so lovely its been an absolute pleasure”.

“It had really boosted my confidence and we decided to discount and push the midweek market more.”

“I can still remember taking my first bride in the Ferrari; she had booked us to take her groom and bestman to the church and then for a ride to the hotel with her new husband and her young son.”

“The comments from them and the sheer delight on her sons face as he rode upfront was magical. Though I do think it was more for her as she had matching ruby red stiletto wedding shoes.”


Bride-Groom-chauffeur-driven car- Lamborghini-lamborghini-wedding-car


“Eventually David found what he was really looking for in 2013, a Lamborghini Diablo SV, so was it time to trade the Ferrari and purchase the dream car?”

“The girls were quite devastated and if I’m been honest, me too. I was actually really enjoying been in the Wedding Industry and been chosen to be part of such a lovely occasion is an honour.”

“Whether it’s taking a bride for a ride, zooming those grooms or any other wedding guests, it’s really enjoyable and rewarding work.”

“It was time to make a decision, keep the Ferrari or….take a life changing risk.”

“Could we have them both? Do you think anyone would want to book a Lamborghini for their wedding?”

“Life’s too short and precious so we took a gamble and that’s when we became ‘Supercar Weddings’.”

“After some months of restoration work the Lamborghini launched alongside the Ferrari at its first wedding on Easter Saturday 2015.”

“The Easter Monday wedding that had booked the Ferrari to make multiple trips for the men, additionally booked the Lamborghini for their son the Groom.”


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What is the future for Supercar Weddings?

“This year has been a boom year for us with a record amount of weddings for both of the cars and 2016 is looking good too.”

“We both really love sharing the enjoyment of the cars with others, and also been a part of their special day too.”

“We pride ourselves on offering a friendly, yet professional service. Our charm is to anyone and everyone we attract that’s looking for something individual, with a modern twist.”

“There are no rules, no set prices or packages, we just ask couples what they would like or suggest ourselves as a surprise for the men – particularly if the bride is staying overnight at the venue.”

“This way we can be available for after service photos if requested. On the day the car can be decorated, or not.”

“Whilst David and the men (and even a few of the girls) get excited under the bonnet looking at the polished V12 engines, I will be eagerly awaiting a glimpse of a blushing bride waiting to be wed.””

Looking forward I have seen David sneakily looking at another car just now, so I suspect we’ll keep going with this for some time, and who knows, we may just expand a little further.”


Thanks so much to Rachel and David for giving us an insight int their work and sharing their incredible Ferrari and Lamborghini Wedding Cars.

They are a thing of utter beauty and if you are a petrol head its the ultimate dream for your Big Day.



To Contact Supercar Weddings



Phone: 07765 921 406





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