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Today I am delighted to talk to the fabulous Steve Bridson, and delve into the story behind his Business, Our Wedding Songs.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life so they want to capture your special moments and memories as best they can so you can enjoy and cherish them later in music.

I had a chat to Steve and this is what he said,

What is it you do, and what services do you offer ?

“We are a 2nd generation family business established in 1985.  Primarily we are a duplication company copying CDs, DVDs and USB sticks for the corporate market.  We also provide a print service as well as providing corporate gifts and clothing. Basically any physical marketing tools that a company may need to promote themselves, their services or their products.”

“However we recently branched out into the Wedding Favour market making specialist bespoke Wedding Music CD’s”

“The CD comprises of up to 12 songs of their choice and they can be anything from Take That through to Iron Maiden, it really doesn’t matter.  They tell us the artist, the song and the order of the songs on the disc.  We then download the songs for them and send them an evaluation copy to check, making sure the songs are correct and in the right order.”

“We also ask them to send us a picture of themselves (or a picture of meaning) for the disc and for the packaging plus any words of thanks / or particular significance to the guests for the wedding.  We then take the pictures, words, wedding dates, name of the couple and venue, put that into a template of the of the packaging that they are going for and send them a PDF to approve.”

“Once the PDF and the CD are approved we produce the discs for them and send to the address they specified at the beginning of the order process.  All costs are covered in the initial purchase, including VAT and delivery.”

“The couple can choose to have up to 250 CDs, which is the limit because the maximum number of discs we can produce on the “limited manufacture licence” is 250.  All of the discs are also licensed through PRS for Music, which is essential, because if they were not licensed then we would be in  breach of music copyright laws.  The couple also get a copy of the license.”

“We have three packages, Silk, Pearl and Diamond.”

“Silk is a pre-designed disc and a PVC wallet with an insert that we add the couples name, date and venue to the artwork, plus their song selection.”

“Pearl is a card wallet than can be printed with a single image on the face of the disc and a single image on the card wallet, with the song selections and their personal details (Names, Date, venue Etc!)”

“Diamond is a “digipak” that has 4 sides available to print, so the couple can have multiple pictures, a verse or a some words of significance, the songs, personal details – basically it is a lot more customised and a nicer piece of packaging.  It looks more like an album.”

“Prices vary from about £200 up to  £900 depending on the quantity ordered, the package and the number of songs.”

When, and why did you start your business ?

“Our Wedding Songs was inspired by a couple that approached us looking to give CDs away as a wedding favour.  We had been asked this before however, there had always been a problem with providing a licence, so we had never got involved.”

“However, at that time the PRS for Music had introduced something called a “limited manufacture licence” which meant that we could copy a small number of discs, with a relatively small licence fee making the copying of the discs legitimate.”

“Because of this change we agreed to copy, print and package the CDs for this couple who were absolutely thrilled with the final result.  We did some initial research and realised that there was nobody offering the level of service we were able to provide using the internet as the “shop front” and so Our Wedding Songs was developed and launched last Summer.”

What inspires you ?

“The people the closest to me and the will to succeed on their behalf.  I also have a desire to build a successful business to prove to myself that I can achieve having been doubted by teachers and people in authority as young person growing up.”

What has been your favourite assignment, and why ?

“I’ve really enjoyed getting the OWS off the ground, although there is a long road ahead to make it succeed.  Also I have loved the challenge of taking this business by reigns in a bid to take it forward, there is so much to do, the stress levels are high but I really believe in what we are doing and the people that I work with.”

Whats your greatest achievement ?

“My wife and children are the most important things to me, without exception.  Being a good role model, father and friend to my two boys is probably my greatest ongoing achievement – I want them to look back on their childhood with affection, so far we’ve achieved that but there is still a way to go!”

Whats the future for your Business ?

“The business is a constantly evolving machine.  I want to run a diverse company with many different strings to its bow involved in different markets.  I have many ongoing plans for the Business for the next 12 months, to ten years.

Thanks so much to Steve for sharing about his work.

Personally music has a lot of meaning for me, you invest a lot of your feelings in some lyrics and they can speak of experience similar to yours and this can be cleansing as well as uplifting.

I think these are wonderful as Wedding Favours as you  can choose music with is really meaningful in some way to yourself.

As someone that was always making mixtapes as a teenager I think this is a big winner.

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