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Today I am thrilled to share the exquisite work of Sarah Jane Bates of Britten Weddings who creates feather fans, deco inspired purses, statement headbands, peacock hair combs, pearl garters and feather buttonholes.

Sarah Jane lives with her husband Mat, a web designer and crazy puppy Alfie, the Golden Retriever just outside Bath.

I had a wee chat with Sarah to get the lowdown on what she does,

What is it you do, and what services do you offer ?

I am an accessory designer and Britten is my boutique. I create ostrich, peacock and marabou feather fans, deco inspired purses, statement headbands, peacock hair combs, pearl garters and beaded buttonholes.”

“I delicately hand make every single piece in a tiny studio on the side of an ancient hillside just outside Bath. You can buy my pieces on-line in my boutique and I ship to all over the world. I also regularly work on custom and bespoke collections for brides and grooms.”

When, and why did you start your business ?
“After studying design at London College of Fashion and focussing on accessory design at Cordwainers College I set up Britten in 2010.”
“Britten originally specialized in handbags and accessories handcrafted from British leather (available in our ‘Gifts section’ on Britten Weddings), but I soon found myself designing flapper style head dresses and tiny beaded evening bags. I realised that Weddings would provide the perfect market for my style and passion; a love of timeless glamour and accessory design.”
What inspires you ?     
“My work is inspired by bygone eras; the glitz of the twenties, the glamour of the thirties and forties and the girliness of the fifties.”
What is your greatest achievement ?  
“Ever since I started the wedding accessories range everything has been a whirlwind- we have had so many great moments.”
“One of my favourites was when I was at a party for the Jubilee weekend, I was chatting away to a friend of a friend. She was recently engaged and we got onto talking about what I did, she suddenly grabbed by arm and said ‘are you the pink feather fan lady? I’m totally in love with your Fleur Fan!’ I was beyond thrilled.”
Whats the future for your Business ?  
“I have just finished designing a new collection, we shot it last weekend so it will be available very soon. You can sign up here to be the first to know . We are also exhibiting at the Designer Vintage Bridal Show in September which we are extremely excited about.”
Audrey Purse - Britten Weddings
Audrey Purse - Britten Weddings
Clarence Buttonhole - Britten Weddings
Elsie Fan - Britten Weddings
Esther Purse - Britten Weddings
Eva Feather Fan
Evelyn Hair Comb - Britten Weddings
Evie Purse - Britten Weddings
Fleur feather Fan - Britten Weddings
Ginger Feather Fan - Britten Weddings 
Mae Feather Purse - Britten Weddings
Rosalie Garter - Britten Weddings
Main Image – Sarah at work, Image 1 and 2 – Audrey Purse, Image 3 – Clarence Buttonhole, Image 4 – Elsie Feather Fan, Image 5 – Esther Feather Purse, Image 6 – Eva Feather Fan, Image 7 – Evelyn Feather Comb, Image 8 – Evie Purse, Image 9 – Fleur Feather Fan, Image 10 – Ginger Feather Fan, Image 11 – Mae Feather Purse, Image 12 and 13 – Rosalie Garter
I am just blown away by the utter gorgeousness of some of these pieces. The Fleur fan in particular bowls me over by its subtle sophistication and prettiness.
You can see Sarahs love of her work in every design, and any of these accessories would be an elegant addition to a Brides Big Day.
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