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Today I am delighted to showcase the fabulous Helen Goss and her wonderful Business, The Cake Empire.  Helen is the creator of Wedding cakes, Occasion cakes and Event cakes and is based in London & Surrey

From baking her cakes for anyone that would eat them, Helen has now turned The Cake Empire into a successful brand with her cake pops even featuring in a dessert table featured on the Amy Atlas Blog.

I had a chat to her to find out more about what she does.

What is it you do, and what services do you offer ?

“I am a Cake Maker & Designer from Scotland, living and working in Surrey and London! I make all sorts of cakes from Wedding cakes to kids parties and I supply a couple of retail outlets in London!”

When, and why did you start your business ?

“The Cake Empire officially launched in June 2011 because I’d decided to leave my career in media to make it on my own!”

“Friends and family had enjoyed my cakes and complimented my baking in the past and so I set to learning about design; practising sugarcraft, piping and trying out different recipes and eventually I found people were offering to pay for my work.  I thought “Hang on a minute… maybe I can do this!” and decided to set up as a business – I haven’t looked back since!”

What inspires you ?

“Music. Friends. Family. Life !”

What has been your favourite assignment, and why ?

“It’s difficult to pick a favourite as each booking is so different.  I really enjoy working on weddings and events and love the creativity that I can put into orders with a loose brief!”

“I’m so excited about making my own wedding cake this year! I have just finished designing it and will be baking in the next two weeks!  However it’s also been a nightmare assignment because I’m a hopeless perfectionist and have changed my design about a hundred times!”

Whats your greatest achievement ?

“I think my greatest achievement has been having the courage to set up on my own.  I don’t think my friends and family quite believed that I was going to do it and I seemed to constantly surprise them with the exciting orders that I received and the collaborative projects with other small businesses that I enjoy getting involved with.”

Whats the future for your Business ?

“Fame and fortune! Joking aside, as much as I want my business to flourish and grow I think the most important thing is that my cakes continue to surprise and bring happiness to those who order and receive them.”

“It sounds a bit clichéd but there really isn’t a better feeling than when  someone praises a cake that you’ve worked really hard on or you’ve received an order through a glowing recommendation!  Maximum job satisfaction!”

English Lace Wedding Cake

Mini Bridal Cupcakes

Pink and Ivory Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Pop

Thanks to Helen for sharing her wonderfully creative skills, the images displayed only touch on how far this amazing cake maker has come in a relatively short time in the Industry, with beautiful designs.

I have always been a fan of cake, and I am also a fan of pretty and these combine the two in one delicious package.

To Contact The Cake Empire

Website :


Phone: 01372 205875  or 07854 232816





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    Great site! Wonderful relevant information. Absolutely lovely cakes.

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