Supplier Spotlight – Fancy That Event Photography

Today I have great pleasure in introducing Eleanor and her business partner Ally who run Fancy That Event Photography in London.

Fancy That  is a fresh and creative change to the way professional event photography is delivered to date.

They believe the traditional guest portrait is a memento of the past. Gone are the days of standing stoically with a fixed smile and a tilt of the head to the camera.  Instead they promise a burst of personality, colour, laughter and movement in every shot!

I chatted to Eleanor about the Business,

What is it you do, and what services do you offer ?

“We are photographers that run a mobile studio photobooth for weddings and events. We provide a host of party and vintage props and accessories for guests to get dressed up in and jump in front of the camera. It means there is entertainment on the night but also an album of fun quirky photographs for the bride and groom to look back on and laugh.”

What inspires you ?

“We love spending hours searching through vintage and homeware shops for props we can use that really set us apart from other photobooths. Some of the accessories we have found are really stunning.”

“Ally also makes many of the signs herself and loves finding vintage style fabric and materials to use. It’s a labour of love!”

What has been your favourite assignment, and why ?

“We photographed a wedding in Hammersmith recently and were booked as a surprise for the bride and groom. It could have gone either way but they loved it”

“The best part were the children that were there – they were so enthusiastic and creative with the props. They were in the studio for ages trying different styles and poses. We got some adorable shots.”

Whats your greatest achievement ?

“I think getting our first booking from a complete stranger who had found out about us at a Wedding Fayre was a milestone. It was at that point we knew that the time spent promoting the business had paid off!”

Whats the future for your Business ?

“This year we are busy filling the calendar with weddings which is taking us all over the country! More long term we would likely look to branch out into other events and linking up with like minded businesses to work on collaborative photography projects. We’ve already met so many inspirational, creative people so who knows where Fancy That will take us!”

I love meeting people new to the Wedding Scene, and who are bursting with fresh and creative ideas so am delighted to share the girl’s story.
You have to love a photo booth and I think there is a secret exhibitionist in all of us.
Whilst I also love the traditional Photo Booth I love the spin that Fancy That has as its down to a more personal level and that always goes down well with a crowd especially at Weddings.

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    Thank you so much Alison for such a fabulously detailed mention of Fancy That Photography on your superb blog ‘Plans and Presents’ What a star you are! X

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