Supplier Spotlight – Florachet – Creative Crochet Floristry

Florachet is a brand new concept for the Events and Wedding industry. It brings pretty crochet and florist skills together to create unique alternative arrangements using ultimately ever lasting flowers. 

Crochet is not just a granny craft and these pretty blooms will WOW everyone!

Founder and Artist, MJ has been crafting from home in West Sussex since relocating from Bristol.

Some work is completed in the craft studio at No. 55 but can go wherever she travels.

I caught up with M.J to chat about her amazing product,

Who are you, and what do you do ?

“I’m M.J and I crochet as a hobby around my day job as a Sign Language Support Worker. I love to idea of taking yarn and a crochet hook and creating gorgeous textile objects that can be worn or simply displayed and admired.”

Why did you start your Business ?

“I started by making small crochet items for friends and family and friends of friends. But lately I have wanted to inject a spot of yarn lovliness into my own wedding.”

“We are booked to be married next Spring, and so far I have experimented with crochet flowers to make bouquets, posies, button holes, corsages and favours.”

“These small homemade touches make the world of difference to our personal themed wedding and budget of course.”

“Practically speaking it is making it easier for us to arrange as our wedding is abroad and would mean negotiating with a Spanish florist, something I’m not too confident at doing.”

“Other than that the flowers from our wedding won’t wilt and die, They will be given as gifts, and my bouquet will be brought out every anniversary!”

“I’d love to offer these same experiences to other brides. I can offer a bespoke colour match service and styling too so that each bouquet of forever flowers is totally perfect for each individual bride’s desire. 12 cadbury purple roses, no problem!”

What Inspires you ?

“My Grandmother, Jessie is an inspiration. She first taught me to Crochet and after years of painting and other crafts I found more passion in creating pieces of crochet than anything else.”

“My creative inspiration comes from all sorts of things I see and the people I meet. I love going into yarn shops and just feeling my way around the shop. It is often the texture or colour of the yarn itself that inspires a project.”

What is your Greatest Achievement ?

“My greatest achievement has been to create heart trios for chair backs that were flown all the way to Australia and hung so perfectly in pastel shades that co-ordinated so well with the pastel mismatch bridesmaids dresses. I felt honoured to have my work displayed at this couples very special day.”

Whats the future for Florachet ?

“I have no idea what the future holds for my crochet works but would be delighted to create more individual crochet floristry for the alternative bride.” 


Picture 1  – Bridal Bouquet    Picture 2  – Bridesmaid Bouquet  Picture 3  – Heart Bunting  Picture 4 –  Vintage Collection Picture 5 – Buttonhole Picture 6  – Bunting  Picture 7 – Crochet Roses

Also to come to the Collections is stunning Corsages, heart chair ties, and the cutest little crochet trees for awesome centrepieces…

I love this, its so different but so beautiful and a quirky addition to the Big Day of the alternative Bride. Florachet is definetely something to think about as a lasting memory of your special day.

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