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Today I am delighted to spotlight Sally Leach, who  is an illustrator based in Northamptonshire and who runs a Wedding Stationery business – ‘The Little Peach’ 

The idea of The Little Peach is that the couple are custom illustrated into a setting of their choice, before each invitation is screen printed by hand; meaning each one is a lovely keepsake from the big day.

Now you know I’m a big fan of all different styles and type of Wedding and Events Stationery but this is some Wedding pretty that is just a little bit different and has a certain edge to it, and I really like it a lot.

Sally tells us all about her thriving Business,

What is it you do, and what services do you offer ?

“I am Sally Leach and I run ‘The Little Peach’ – a Wedding stationery company that combines custom illustration with the finest hand printed stationery around! I offer a varying level of customisation with the invitations; couples can either choose from one of the pre-drawn backdrops from the ‘Sweetheart’ collection or go for a completely bespoke setting of their own.”

“After the invitations are designed I have produce them using a technique called ‘screen printing’ meaning that each invitation is a mini artwork for the guests to keep! On top of this there is a whole range of matching and exciting add on items to choose from, all in the colours and papers of their choice.”

When, and why did you start your business ?

“I have been working as an illustrator for a few years now and last year my oldest friend Kelly-Ann asked me to design the wedding stationery for her and her fiance Dan.”

“I was absolutely thrilled and illustrated the couple, in the form of Owls onto their invitations (Owls are a particular favourite bird for the couple, you should see how many owl ornaments they have in their house!) The rest of the stationery followed suit with little illustrations of things that were to happen on the big day, I designed everything from table place names to the thank you cards!”

“After this I’d had so much fun that I decided to offer my services to other couples wanting something super special for their big days. I’ll always remember the sweetest thing that they said to me once the invites were sent out – that for them it was the first actual real visualisation of their big day, something that would describe a little of the magic that was to happen to their guests. How lovely is that?! I just hope I can bring that magic to other couples.”

What inspires you ?

“I’m inspired by happiness. My work is always light-hearted and sometimes quite naive in style, I want to make people smile! I love nothing more than asking a couple questions about who they are and what they’re interested in, and mushing it all together in an illustration that will make their loved ones smile.”

What has been your favourite assignment, and why ?

“I had lots of fun working on another set of stationery for a wonderful couple called Harry and Joe. Their both fiercely into their music, and more specifically vinyl – so I captured them surrounded by records, overlooking one of their favourite holiday destination. There was also a nod to their nicknames, with the sprout and rhubarb plants they sit by!”

Whats your greatest achievement ?

“I have been working with illustration in many guises for years now, but I’d have to say one of the funnest things I’ve done is build a human vending machine that vends on-the-spot made doodles for the customers that come to have a go. It’s called ‘DoodleVend’ and it was amazing to run. I should really set it up to be hired for weddings – that would be amazing! You can read more about Doodlevend

Whats the future for your Business ?

“I hope the future for my business is to work with more couples to bring them a little magic to their stationery – creating a lasting image they can enjoy forever.”



Top to Bottom – Songs for the Lovers, Under the Cherry Blossom, Round the Campfire, Over the Moon – The Sweetheart Collection

Stationery can also be made Bespoke to your requirements.

Thanks to Sally for sharing some of her fabulous contemporary designs.


To Contact The Little Peach




Phone: 07748 881 642






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