Supplier Spotlight – Your Story in A Book

Last week I had the privilige of meeting Norman McDonald of Your Story in a Book.

Norman shared with me his background, and all about his new service which is about making memories last more than a lifetime.

What is it you do, and what services do you offer?

“Your Story In A Book offers couples a unique way to celebrate and remember forever their very own love story.”

“We will create a luxury, large-size coffee table book filled with thousands of words and pictures telling how they met, describing the first date, shared holidays, romantic memories, the proposal, their engagement and their wedding day ceremony and celebrations.”

“This is not a do-it-yourself photo album – this is a real book of words and pictures created by a team of professional authors, journalists and designers.”

“You really have to see one of our books to appreciate just how stunning a product it is. Just imagine, the happy couple being able to relive those romantic memories for years to come and then pass their book on to their children and grandchildren.”

“An Our Love Story book also makes a wonderful and everlasting gift from the bridesmaids, or family and friends to the happy couple. Or it could even be put on the wedding list for people to contribute to the cost as their wedding gift.”

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase that lasts longer than a lifetime.”

“And one of our fantastic books could also feature a family history, celebrate a special anniversary or landmark birthday or help promote a business or organisation to customers and clients.”

Why and when did you start your Business?

“The business was launched last month.”

“I have been a journalist, author, publisher and PR consultant for 30 years and came up with the Your Story In A Book concept to give everyone a chance to have their story told in a book.”

“Because I had spent all my working life as a journalist and author, then going on to publish other people’s books, I had gathered the skills and expertise to, hopefully, make a success of Your Story In A Book.”

“In particular, the inspiration for the Our Love Story books came when I realised I didn’t know an awful lot about how my mother and father met and the beginnings of their relationship. It’s too late for me to ask them now and I wish their story had been told in a book, so that I would know all about their early years together. And I’m sure couples themselves love to think back to the early days of their romance.”

“By having their story told in one of our coffee table books, those precious moments will be kept alive forever on the pages of their very own book.”

What inspires you?

“I’m inspired by other people’s stories and achievements. For me, as a journalist, it was always the human interest stories that were the best and later, when I started my own business, I loved creating something from nothing and coming up with a good idea and making it a reality.”

What has been your favourite assignment, and why?

“As a journalist, I have worked on many big stories and won several awards. Then when I started writing books, every one of them was my favourite because they were so different and each time it was something new to achieve.”

“With Your Story In A Book, my favourite, so far, is the Our Love Story of Maureen and Stuart as theirs is a lovely story and there is a wonderful ending you can read on the last page.”

” Log on to the website and you can flick through the pages of this book and see for yourself – it will definitely make you go ‘awwwh’!”

What’s your greatest achievement?

“Personally, my greatest achievement is being married for more than 30 years and having three brilliant – now grown-up – kids.”

“In work life, after years working in newspapers I suddenly had the urge to be my own boss and start a business. I took the plunge almost ten years ago and so far it has been a great success.”

“But I reckon my greatest achievement will be the next book I produce for someone and I see the look of excitement and joy on their faces when I deliver it to them.”

What’s the future for your Business?

“Since the business has just been launched, I’m hoping to provide a product that people want and are happy with.”

“So far, the reaction from people who see one of our books is: “I’d love one of those!” – so, here’s hoping more and more people will want to see their story in a book.”


Thanks to Norman for sharing an insight into this great new Business. Its a wonderful new product which is truly an investment piece and something worth thinking about to preserve your own special slice of history.

Norman is offering a 10% discount to all new clients quoting Code: MrsPandP


To Contact Your Story in  Book



Phone: 01505 816980




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