Supplier Spotlight – Urban Cake/ Nucoco

Urban Cake/Nucoco is a new contemporary cake & chocolate company set up by Eveleen Greer and Jackie Wynne.

Cake and chocolate are the perfect combination, therefore Eveleen & Jackie decided to add both together to make the ultimate products.

I met the girls in the autumn and sampled their lush products that were absolutely delicious, and today  I am delighted to spotlight this emerging Scottish company.

I had a chat with Jackie and she shared the story behind Urban Cake/Nucoco


What is it you do, and what services do you offer ?

Nucoco/Urban Cake is a cake and chocolate company.  We offer luxurious cake and chocolate creations and works of art that taste as good as they look.   We hand-make all our own products and where possible use local suppliers.”

“Our products are Cake-pops (cake on a stick and covered in Belgian chocolate), cake – bites (bite size chocolate cake covered in Belgian chocolate, Cup-cakes (with a difference – alcohol twist & chocolate), Whisky Chocolate , Chocolate Slabs (with cranberries, apricots, banana, fudge etc), and finally our greatest creations Chocolate Wedding Cakes.”

When, and why did you start your business ?

“I set-up Nucoco making handmade chocolate bars and slabs over  a year ago as I have had over 10 years experience being a director in Kshocolat. I then bumped (literally!) into my neighbour Eveleen who is an Artist and a cake designer for over 20 years.”

“We decided to get together and create chocolate and cake works of art that people would love.  We are passionate about cake and chocolate as you have guessed and continue to experiment and ‘play’ making fun and interesting creations.  We also love creating and designing – that’s the most favourite part!”

What inspires you ?

“I am inspired by people that want to make a difference no matter how small or great the impact.
People that have the tenacity and the will power to create or continue to create something wonderful no matter how difficult or challenging the cirumstances. Companies with a conscience.  Just simply making people happy.”

What has been your favourite assignment, and why ?

“Our favourite assignment was creating a wibbly wobbly wedding cake for the Wobbly William Charity Event for Parkinsons Disease.   It was a lot of fun creating a cake that looked like it would collapse at any minute !!!”

“We also love creating bespoke wedding/birthday cakes and chocolate for our customers.”

Whats your greatest achievement ?

“Our greatest achievement to date would have to be creating Nucoco particulary after a difficult period, and managing to create something wonderful from nothing.”

“Also …our children.  Eveleen has a daughter Cara, and I have a son Nathan – both chief tasters in the company!”

Whats the future for your Business ?

“The future is creating a brand – Scotland’s first cake and chocolate brand!  And to continue to create our wonderful chocolate and cake creations that people love and want, and to expand further across Scotland, the UK and to export across the globe.”


They say that chocolate is the way to a mans heart but personally I think its the way to a girls too.

For wedding favours, a cake for your Wedding day, cake pops and bites for your Dessert Bar or just a scrumptious treat to cheer yourself up, this Glasgow based duo definetely have the products to please.


To Contact Urban Cake / Nucoco



Phone: o141 445 0218




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