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Today I am thrilled to share the work of Tabletasks, an amazing guest entertainment idea for Weddings & Events where bespoke ice breakers are devised individually help to create a dynamic atmosphere during the dining experience.


Tabletasks, ice breakers, wedding entertainment


As soon as the ring was slipped on to your finger did a million ideas flash through your mind or where you left overwhelmed by the magnitude of possibilities out there?

You may already be thinking about your wedding and will be looking for ways to tailor it to reflect your personality and your unique and individual style.

You only have to open a magazine or visit a wedding fayre these days to find that there is something else you find you have not thought about when organising your special day.

Have you booked the photographer? Are you having doves, perhaps a release of butterflies or now you can even have an owl swoop down and bring in your wedding rings!

All these unusual yet innovative ideas are available and sometimes we can forget about the basics. The wedding breakfast.

Almost all weddings will have a meal and within this time there is also one of the most important events: the speeches.

So who do you sit where? Do you put friends together or mix them up with family in an attempt to create some sort of party atmosphere? Do you eat before or after?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way we could create an electric atmosphere which will set the tone for the rest of the day and get our guests to be the entertainment without them even knowing?

There is a new business in the market that is solving all these problems.


tabletasks, wedding entertainment, ice breakers


Tabletasks Events are a company that provides wedding breakfast entertainment which can range from the austere to laugh-out-loud fun and frolics, depending on the client and the vision for their event

Tabletasks dynamic ice breakers can be used at any point during an event where you are seating people together for a substantial amount of time.

Lynn Jinks of Tabletasks Events says “Many couples don’t consider wedding breakfast entertainment a priority but this can be one of the most pivotal and essential turning points of their big day.”

“I know from experience as a bride, that organising seating for the wedding breakfast can be daunting.”

“With so many important guests, it can be difficult to know where to place them and how to avoid any awkward silences and stilted conversations.”

“I didn’t want a harp player, a singer or caricaturist because this doesn’t directly involve the guests, there was nothing else on the market. So I created it”.


Whether it is a small or grand affair, wedding or civil partnership, traditional or contemporary, Tabletasks can cater for all.

Working with mainstream hotels, wedding venues and even weddings abroad Tabletasks can go wherever you are.

The dynamic ice breakers are respectfully and skillfully devised with your guests’ personality, style and age in mind.

Lynn explained “In between each course of your wedding breakfast each of your guests are carefully instructed, by one guest chosen as that table leader, to open their personal printed envelopes.”

“Inside they will find a bespoke personal ice breaker for them to complete. The ice breakers can vary from being simple recollections of memories to all singing all dancing up on their feet show off tasks.”

“Each of the dynamic ice breakers will be bespoke to each of your individual guests and will be tailored to their unique personality and style so no guest feels intimidated or embarrassed.”

“Well not unless you want them to be. They are easy, fun and exciting and are a fantastic way of getting your guests interacting, laughing and talking.”

“This ensures your guests embark on an entertainment adventure ensuring long lasting memories of your Wedding.”


Tabletasks, wedding entertainment, ice breakers


It is always nice to know that your wedding will be unique and special and because each couple and their guests are different no two weddings will ever be the same.

So if you want your guests to be talking about your wedding for month’s even years after then get them involved in your day by giving them all a fun safe ice breaker to complete, get them really involved in your big day.

The dynamic ice breakers have even been used as favors for guests and have even doubled up as name cards keeping the costs down for you.

Each wedding has its own requirements and each couple their own vision so for more information about how Tabletasks dynamic ice breakers can work for you and your event you can contact Lynn Jinks at Tabletasks Events.


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