The Box Bakery incorporating Chaice Blvd – Cake with a contemporary edge

Today its my great pleasure to spotlight on the work of the Box Bakery incorporating Chaice Blvd.

This is Cake…but not as you know it, its sweet, delicious cakey goodness but with a defined, structured and contemporary edge.


wedding cake, chaice blvd, the box bakery, structured 2 tier wedding cake


I had a chat with  owner Renee Newell who tells us all about her fabulous Business…


Who are you, and what do you do? We are The Box Bakery, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

We specialise in gourmet cupcakes, brownies & alcoholic cakeshots.

We have recently introduced our luxury cake brand, Chaice Blvd that provides bespoke cakes for celebrations.


When and why did you start your Company?

The Box Bakery started in 2011 as a cupcake business.

The majority of cupcake businesses tend to create cupcakes that are pretty, floral, vintage, and somewhat girly with the use of pastel colours.

We wanted to create baked goods that appealed to both men & women with a contemporary edge…products less cliché.

In 2012 we added more products to the collection which include the gourmet gooey brownies and the alcoholic cakeshots.


the box bakery, bespoke cupcakes

the box bakery, alcoholic cake shots

the box bakery, brownies


“In 2013 we launched Chaice Blvd.”

“Chaice Blvd is our high end, lavish cake company, provided celebration cakes for weddings, birthdays, engagements, business etc.” “This part of the business has a completely different concept to The Box Bakery.”

Chaice Blvd is all about creating something that only one client will have so that it then becomes their own. We won’t duplicate any cake.”


What inspires you?

“Art is our main inspiration. We get a lot of our ideas from fashion and structural art.”

“It may sound weird but coming from a graphic design background, precision and clean lines are very important in each product we make.”

“We are literally inspired by everyday whether it be a plant or a crumbled piece of paper, our ideas come from the weirdest things.”


Do trends influence your work?

“We try not to follow trends so that our products remain unique.”

“We would like to see ourselves as trend-setters if anything.”

“So far we haven’t come across a business providing similar style products the way we do, but we do a lot of research so that we can stay a step ahead.”


What is your greatest achievement?

“I’d say featuring in County Wedding magazine.”

“When we were asked if we would like to feature our Chaice Blvd wedding cakes we were honoured because we had only just launched the brand.”


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“Hopefully we will have a Box Bakery eatery and also expand the Chaice Blvd luxury cake brand into a separate business.”


chaice blvd, the box bakery, structured white wedding cake

structured white wedding cake with flower adornment, chaice blvd, the box bakery

structured white wedding cake, the box bakery, chaice blvd



Thanks so much to Renee for sharing wonderful her creations, they definetely have a modern edge perfect for the bold couple wishing to make an alternative statement.


To Contact The Box Bakery and Chaice Blvd



Phone: 07888 101 631


Twitter: and


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    Thanks ever so much for featuring The Box Bakery/ Chaice Blvd. Xx

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      You are so very welcome, it was my pleasure to share x

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