The Coupled App – A Community Marketplace for your Wedding

Today I am excited to tell you about the Coupled App who provide a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover and book unique wedding products and services.

Coupled provides a mobile app that connects couples to quality wedding products and services through beautiful imagery. And with a fast growing community of users, Coupled is the easiest way for vendors to showcase their products and services to a brand new audience, at a time and place that is right for them.


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You love social and mobile, but…

Picture yourself as a bride-to-be…

You love the inspiration that you can find on Instagram and Pinterest, and the fact that you can share ideas with friends and family groups on WhatsApp, but find it incredibly frustrating that there are no supplier details attached to images, and no way to save and sort the images that you share in WhatsApp.

To review an idea that you shared five months ago, you have to scroll through five months of messages.


Everything you need at your finger-tips

When Coupled was created, they wanted to build on how consumers use their phones/tablets and social media, and address the frustrations mentioned above.

When you’re getting married, you don’t just want to see inspiring images, you want to buy what’s in the images!

Coupled’s gallery of high resolution and full-screen photos provides you with inspiration, the ability to get in touch with suppliers, and save photos to mood boards for later viewing and sharing with family and friends.


coupled screenshot, Coupled app, community marketplace, wedding photos, wedding suppliers, iOS download, Android download


Coupled was founded by corporate escapees Linda Cheung and Mark Bower.

Coupled grew out of the plan born when they saw how couples were using social media to find and share wedding inspiration, but were frustrated with the limitations of the existing tools.

Linda Cheung is a recognised thought leader on the topic of social media for business.

A frequent speaker at conferences and events, Linda’s highly acclaimed presentations provide a rare business perspective on social media that frequently see her called back for repeat deliveries.

A former Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, Linda was promoted to a Chief Operating Officer role at 32 after making her mark as a key player in the launch of the company’s first ever credit card.

Mark Bower is a social software veteran, having spent the last 10 years working with companies in social media and social networking.

As a former Lead Program Manager at Microsoft, Mark has worked with a host of FTSE clients, and has a proven track record in designing and developing software solutions that deliver enormous benefits.


To can access Coupled on:

Google Play (Android Download)

ITunes  (iOS Download)



To Contact Coupled






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