The Elegant Steps Wedding Shoe customisation guide

Today I am thrilled to spotlight on the brand  new Elegant Steps wedding shoe customisation guide, which is essentially a step by step guide as to all the options available to brides to-be, to get their dream wedding shoes.


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Now we as girlies, and especially Brides do like to swoon over a bit of gorgeous footwear, and all the better when we can make just the way we want it.

The guide goes into detail about how best to design and colour your shoes, plus all the additional extras Elegant Steps can offer, including shoe clips and crystals.

They feel like this is the perfect guide for any flapping bride to-be, looking for the perfect shoes and just can’t find them on the high street.

We know customisation is a huge buzz word in the wedding industry at the moment, and alwayshas been since Angelina showcased her doodled on veil last year.

The Brand want to show you just how easy it is to add a little bit of extra personality to their big day.


Show Clips

One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to customise your wedding shoes is by using a shoe clip.

Shoe clips even be can be reused on other shoes.

This means the practically offer a lifetime of value as the addition of such a simple embellishment can transform different brands of shoes in many different ways.


elegant steps, shoe customisation guide, wedding shoe


Shoe Dyeing

Shoe dyeing is incredibly popular for brides that want to add a flash of colour to their wedding outfit.

The great thing about dyeing wedding shoes is that they are often covered by the dress.

This means that you can create something truly beautiful and personal, and it won’t distract attention from your dress.

Shoe dyeing services should also take into account every little detail, particularly something like the light setting.

You want your shoes to look amazing in photographs, so the dye has to compliment your shoes in the different settings where you will photographed – in the church or on the beach etc.


elegant steps, shoe customisation guide, wedding shoes


Shoe dyeing is great for:

•Matching perfectly to the shade of your wedding gown.

•Co-ordinating bridesmaids outfits.

•Co-ordinating Mother of the Bride or Groom outfits.

•As your ‘something blue’ Matching prom or ball shoes and handbags.

•Bring together your outfit for a day at the races.

•Special nights or days out.

•If you have a non-traditional coloured gown.

•For your bridesmaids.

•A splash of colour under your dress mirroring your colour theme.

•Dyeing black after use.


elegant steps, shoe customisation guide, wedding shoe, coloured wedding shoes


Crystals and Pearls

Crystals and pearls are great for adding glamour, sophistication or even a subtle touch of personalisation to a shoe.

It is a great option, particularly if you are on a budget, because shoes can be jewelled as much or as little as required.

So, a small scattering of jewels can be added with one or two crystals for your something blue, or you can cover the entire shoe with diamonds if you really want to stand out.

Other great uses of crystals to customise wedding shoes include:

•Save the Date– get the date of your wedding and ‘I do’ on the instep of your shoe.

•Iconic Symbols – a star, heart or even name have something special added to your shoes.

•Something Blue – have blue jewels incorporated onto your shoes for a modern, less traditional design.

•Bespoke Designs – have detail of your dress incorporated onto your shoe.

•Studs & Spikes – add a touch of rock n roll to your shoes.


elegant steps, shoe customisation guide, wedding shoe


Bespoke Designs

When it comes to bespoke designs for your wedding shoes, the world is your oyster – let your imagination run wild and use your creative spark to think of something that is truly special to you.

Whether it’s a design detail from your dress you’d like to introduce to your shoes or anything else, the Elegant Steps team can help you add most intricate details and make a style for your shoes as unique as you are.


elegant steps, shoe customisation guide, wedding shoe


The Guide goes into great ways to reuse your shoes, and also gives you information on the process your shoes will go through and how to order, and the timescales you should expect.


To view the guide in full > Elegant Steps Wedding Shoes Customisation Guide

To see the full range of gorgeous wedding footwear > Bridal Footwear


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