The Perfect Fit ~ All you need to know about Wedding Dress Alterations

Fit is everything & when it comes to the most special outfit you’ll ever wear this is never more important so today I want to talk wedding dress alterations.

Your wedding dress is different to any other dress you will wear in your lifetime, but unlike your typical day dress, it doesn’t come ready to wear straight from the store.

A wedding dress needs to be tailored to your bodys specific measurements to make you feel like the bride you have always wanted to be.

In between that ever so special dress appointment and your walk down the aisle, there is an entire process of getting that perfect fit to go through so I have drafted in some expert advisers.

Alterations Boutique undertake incredible wedding dress alterations, working with the customer to ensure they get the exact result they want. From fitting the dress to adding design features, they can do it all.

So we have teamed up with them to give you the insight on what to expect from your wedding dress alterations appointment.


Get the perfect fit from Wedding Dress Alterations!

First Fitting

You typically will have your first fitting around six weeks before the big day.

It is helpful to bring an eagle-eyed friend or family member along for advice, though try and keep your entourage small to avoid too many contrasting opinions.

Remember to bring along the underwear and shoes you are planning on wearing on your wedding day to ensure the dress is perfect for your special day.

If you know what accessories you are planning on wearing bring those along too so you can see the full picture.

Your first fitting has two main purposes: to ensure your gown is the right size and right design.

Your seamstress will take the time to pin the dress to your size to see what alterations need to be done regarding fit, and work with you in case there are any design changes you wish to be made.

This can include aspects such as neckline, sleeve length and train.

If there is anything you don’t like about your gown or a certain area that you are feeling doesn’t fit quite right, make sure you tell your seamstress.

This is your special gown and they will be more than happy to listen to your concerns and ensure the dress is perfect for your big day.

Second Fitting

Your second fitting will typically be about a month before your wedding, with enough time for the seamstress to make the changes from the previous appointment while still having time for further alterations before your wedding.

Once again bring along your underwear, shoes and accessories to get an idea of how you will look on the day.

In your second appointment your seamstress will have made the alterations discussed in the first appointment.

This is your chance to get a better idea of how your wedding dress should fit. In this appointment you should:

Ensure you can move comfortably in your gown

Check that your dress stays in place when you move

There is no wrinkling, bunching or pulling of material in any areas

If your dress is full length, your hem skims the top of your shoes

Again, if there is anything you are concerned about, let your seamstress know. They will be able to take you through all of your alteration options.

Final Fitting

At your final fitting you should make sure you are completely satisfied with the look, style and fit of your dress.

This close to your wedding you will only be able to make small changes to ensure that everything is ready for your big day, such as any last minute fitting alterations.

You want the dress to flatter your body and fit well while still being able to comfortably move and enjoy yourself.

You should take a bridesmaid or someone who will be helping you get ready along with you to your final appointment.

Your seamstress will be able to teach them how to properly do up your dress to ensure fit and comfort throughout the whole day.

If your dress needs bustling it is also important that they learn this during your fitting to allow a seamless experience during your wedding.


We are all different shapes and sizes which is what makes us beautiful, and therefore there will always have to be some sort of alteration to suit our individual shape.

All in all its about your wedding attire fitting like a glove and thats what makes your seamstress or alterations service the superhero of your bridal process making sure you feel utterly FABULOUS!


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