The perfect non-alcoholic alternative for Wedding Drinks – REAL Kombucha

Something that is important to think about when planning your Wedding Drinks Reception is the inclusivity for those that don’t drink.

Orange juice or seems to be the standard for non-drinkers, pregnant women or the designated driver, and while “nice” is not entirely exciting.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to be unconventional and have an option that has the look, smell and taste of a fine wine but has no alcoholic basis at all.

This way everyone can enjoy the shared camaraderie, and the wedding day festivities without question.

REAL Kombucha is brewed from hand-picked, loose-leaf teas carefully selected from small gardens around the world.

Focused on complexity of flavour, these fermented, sparkling teas have an ability, unique amongst non-alcoholic drinks, to pair with a wide variety of foods.

They are also a perfect alternative for people who don’t drink or prefer a more balanced lifestyle, being low in calories, sugar and vegan friendly.

Recently I was delighted to be asked to try out this invigorating brew and to say I was impressed was an understatement.

Wedding receptions tend to be a minefield for those who wish to remain sober for whatever reason, and as a non drinker myself its lovely to be able to introduce something that could be helpful to those looking for other possibilities for their special day.

Royal Flush is brewed from a First Flush Darjeeling tea.

It is richly fragrant and creates a brew that is fresh and floral.

The makers add nothing, but the tea alone develops notes of rhubarb, white peach and a touch of blackcurrant.

For the foodies it compliments white fish, white meat, cream sauces much like a full bodied white wine such as a chardonnay

This is probably my favourite, and judging by the reactions of family and friends who joined me on this taste adventure an absolute crowd pleaser.

Dry Dragon is light and citrusy with notes of sweet lemons and grapefruit, but with a delicate leafy undertone.

For the foodies it compliments shellfish, particularly oysters, green vegetables such as broccoli or asparagus, green salads and fruit.

Dry and fresh, and with its similarity to a refreshing, sparkling Sauvignon Blanc it’s a perfect light summer spritz, and perfect for those hot summer day Wedding drinks receptions.

This goes down a treat too.

Non boozy doesn’t have to be boring so presentation can be everything when planning Wedding drinks.

Consider serving your beverages in elegant, non-conventional glassware, or consider garnishes or edible flowers to jazz things up.

The style and look of something prepared in a special way is visually more inviting, and can make non-drinkers feel more considered.

Even more fantastic than all of that apparently mixing things up with Real Kombucha is an actual thing as they slide down beautifully as a Cocktail too.

Consider a Royal Bellini, a Cucumber Basil Martini or a Summer Flush and more…Yum!

As well as being sold directly Kombucha is sold on Amazon, as well as a variety of supermarkets around the UK such as Sainsburys and Waitrose, and in the most prestigious and well-respected restaurants, hotels and bars.

It comes in both individual size 250ml bottles, and 750ml bottles to share.

Why not elevate your wedding drinks reception by not following the crowd, by being more creative with your wedding drinks, and choosing an non alcoholic alternative that  is 100% hangover free, healthy and a breath of fresh air for celebrations!


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