The Shopstyle Wedding Hub – Shop for your Wedding with ease

How we look on the Wedding Day is a huge part of the Day so thats why I’m excited to introduce the ShopStyle Wedding hub.

Fashion is important to us all even if we aren’t the most stylish or en vogue person.

This newly launched site brings you big brands all in the one place to ensure Wedding shopping can be a wonderful experience.


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Shopstyle is the online equivalent of browsing the aisles of the world’s most fabulous store.

As a search engine devoted to fashion, ShopStyle brings together the most fashionable stores and the best brands allowing users to cross-shop hundreds of thousands of apparel, home decorating and kids products — all in one place.

Featuring products from the most popular designer brands and big name fashions, to the up and coming boutiques, ShopStyle lets users search the most stylish stores at once — by designer, brand, store, sale items, price point, and colour.

ShopStyle also has one of the most vibrant fashion communities on the web.

Users are empowered to be fashion editors or interior designers, expressing their unique style by creating stylebooks and looks that can be shared and shopped on ShopStyle, on blogs or emailed to friends.

ShopStyle’s active groups provide inspiration on various topics and allow users of similar taste to shop, share and comment.


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This is why the next bit is incredibly exciting…..

The ShopStyle Wedding hub launched on 20th April and is a dedicated micro site to all things Weddings!

The Wedding Boutique has been specifically curated to take the ease and hassle out of shopping for a wedding.

The site will be full of inspiration for specific wedding attire (country, city, beach wedding etc) and products available for, bridesmaids mother of bride, guests, bride and even the groom!

Many retailers will be on the site from Net as Porter, Marks and Spencer, J Crew, Debenhams, Matches, House of Fraser among many others providing clothing, beauty, accessories and gifts to ensure shopping for the wedding season is as easy as possible.


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To find our more about Shopstyle








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