The Strawberry Shake Wedding Stationery Collection from Best Day Ever

Today I am thrilled to share the brand new wedding stationery collection from the amazing Best Day Ever.

Best Day Ever is a happy place full of love and celebration.

Specialising in wonderfully pretty Wedding Stationery, Mirlah creates designs that suit you, your personalities and your wedding style.

Whether it’s one of her ‘ready to rock’ designs or something more bespoke, Best Day Ever is on hand to help you find it.


The Strawberry Shake Collection, Best Day Ever , Wedding Stationery


I chatted to Mirlah Thornley about her brand new spangly Stationery collection…


“My name is Mirlah and I’m the lady behind Best Day Ever! 

“Here in glorious Derbyshire I live for celebrating all life’s special moments, big, small and fabulous and love nothing more than creating wonderfully pretty wedding stationery for lovely couples!”

“It’s a pleasure to be on the blog today and I thought I’d share one of our brand spanking new collections with you, hope you like it!”

“Introducing Strawberry Shake! A wedding stationery collection inspired by the fabulous 50s, a decade I would have just loved to have lived in!”

“It’s fun, flirty, bold and beautiful and whilst designing this collection I made sure I kept those words in mind.”

 “The Strawberry Shake design has had a shabby chic makeover to bring a softer feel to the iconic bold turquoise and red and mimics the retro style with it’s soft pinks and pale mint tones. I really love these colours together!”

“My stationery designs tend to draw on inspiration from decades gone by and play on vintage style but often have a modern twist to keep them fresh, fun and up to date.”

“With the Strawberry Shake collection I added a mix of bold retro typefaces and softened it with pretty love hearts and laurels to shake it up a bit.”

“And where would retro styling be without a few polka dots?”

“This design features a lovely pale pink and mint polka dot border and a few dotty love hearts too!”

“When designing a new collection I always try to think of the bigger picture and think about the kind of wedding it would suit.”

“Naturally, this lovely little collection would fit right into a vintage/retro inspired wedding, but with it’s softer colour palette wouldn’t look out of place with vintage pastels, or even a rustic style wedding.”


Invitation - The Strawberry Shake Collection, wedding stationery, Best Day Ever

INVITATION 4 - The Strawberry Shake Collection, Best Day Ever, Wedding Sationery

RSVP - The Strawberry Shake Collection, Best Day Ever, Wedding Stationery

SAVE THE DATE - The Strawberry Shake Collection, Best Day Ever, Wedding Stationery

SAVE THE DATE 4 - The Strawberry Shake Collection, Best Day Ever, wedding stationery

The Strawberry Shake Collection 2, wedding stationery, best day ever

The Strawberry Shake Collection, Best Day Ever, Wedding Stationery


Thank you so much to Mirlah for sharing her fabulous new Wedding Stationery Collection.

I love retro design and this cute invitation suite is peppy, colourful and fun.


To Contact Best Day Ever



Phone: 07965 575 795







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  1. Reply

    This stationary is gorgeous. I love the typefaces Mirlah uses and the design is so cute and unique.

    One of the most annoying things, for me, when I was looking for my own wedding stationary, was that I couldn’t find many pre-made ‘ready to rock’ designs with typefaces I liked. My husband thought I was very strange for being so picky about typefaces.

    1. Reply

      Thank you for your lovely comments Monica!
      And it’s so true about fonts and typefaces, they can often really make a design. It’s good to be picky 🙂 xxx

  2. Reply

    Thanks so much for featuring! I hope your lovely readers like the strawberry shake collection! Any questions? You know where I am! Xx Mirlah

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