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Today I am delighted to share the exciting world of the Ultimate Wedding Magazine and report on how they are making advancements in streamling the ease of the Wedding Planning experience.

With two years printing wedding publications, Ultimate Wedding Magazine or UWM thought it was time to move with the times, no more digital dinosaur!


Ultimate Wedding Magazine,  interactive wedding magazine, ipad, android,mobile phone


Making it’s debut at the UK Wedding Show, London Excel, with an outstanding reception from brides and groom the UWM iPad tour made it’s first public venture, and to say it was successful would be a massive understatement!

With an established presence in the wedding publishing market, Ultimate Wedding Magazine has launched this new interactive magazine to help newly engaged couples plan the wedding of their dreams.

This unique and exciting digital publication invites brides and grooms into the 3D world, making planning your wedding a whole new experience.

With over 32 million tablet users in the UK, that number will grow and grow, digital media is not the future, it is now.

Ultimate Wedding Magazine are not content with a read-only digital publication, they are leading the market with this revolutionary bridal magazine.

Launched on iPad, this will be available also on Android from the spring issue.

Ultimate Wedding Magazine UK is a digital interactive bi-monthly that showcases the best suppliers and venues the UK has to offer for weddings.

Bursting with bespoke, inspirational features, exclusive competitions and an enviable editorial team, they deliver a fully reader controlled magazine.


Top Bloggers, Ultimate Wedding Magazine,  interactive wedding magazine, ipad, android,mobile phone Top Industry Experts, Ultimate Wedding Magazine,  interactive wedding magazine, ipad, android,mobile phone

Video Content, Ultimate Wedding Magazine,  interactive wedding magazine, ipad, android,mobile phone


I spoke to Editor, Tina Reading to find out about the Brand and about these exciting new developments…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“I am Tina Reading, Editor of Ultimate Wedding Magazine, the UK’s ONLY fully interactive wedding publication. ”


When and why did you start your Company?

“We launched Valentine’s Day 2012 in print and have been doing this for two years, with a digital read-only.”

“We now have this unique and fabulous interactive.”

“We started as I had a background in pr/marketing/branding and had been the editor of lifestyle mags for 4 years, but wanted to create something specifically for the UK wedding market.”

“Something different, unique, informative, inspirational and fun! Something for brides AND grooms from all cultures, budgets and sex. Love is for everyone, no exclusions! ”


What inspires you?

“My children.”


Do trends influence your work?

“No we rarely look at trends as the market can have a sheep effect.”

“We feature what we like, what makes us smile, what makes us sit up and pay attention. ”


What is your greatest achievement?

“Launching the UK’s only interactive wedding magazine!”


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“To be the foremost digital wedding publication in the UK and Europe.”

“This is not just about showing cool pictures or trendy animations, this is about inviting your audience into your world, and showing them what you can do.”

“Our presentation, in line with our complete brand, is stylish, sleek, inspirational and informative.”

“UWM UK is positioning itself as one of the most influential and useful tools a bride can have, and it is at their disposal 24-7. ”

“We have just launched on iPad but it is also available on Android tablet and mobile!”


Thanks to Tina for showing us an insight into their incredibly exciting advancements.

In an age of  gadgetry, and amidst the bustle of busy lives the ability to plan on the run with something so interactive and available is an attractive quality to Brides and Grooms.


To Contact Ultimate Wedding Magazine

Website: http://www.ultimateweddingmagazine.co.uk

Email: tina@ultimateweddingmagazine.co.uk

Tel: 01442 780808

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UltimateWedMag

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UltimateWedMag/

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/ultimatewedmag/





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