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Today I am thrilled to spotlight on Jackdaw Decor who create unique bespoke pine cone or paper bridal flowers.

Each bouquet is constructed in a traditional victorian method making the flowers durable, light-weight & incredibly pretty.

The paper bouquets are textural, tactile, 3D items of loveliness, and are a perfect gift to yourself for your Wedding day that will last long after the day.


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I hand over to Ali of Jackdaw to tell you about her Business….


Who are you, and what do you do?

“I’m Ali, owner/designer/maker of Jackdaw Decor.”

“I offer a bespoke service providing alternative bridal flowers & gifts.”

“My shop is called Jackdaw Decor to reflect my eclectic range of designs & materials.”

“There does tend to be a common theme of nature -pheasants on cushions, paper roses or pine cone bouquets.”

“I take my inspiration from Mother Nature & add just a tiny little bit of sparkle, like the frost on a spider’s web in the morning.”

“I design & make my flowers from either paper or pine cones: My paper flowers are conjured from a wide array of papers & then transformed into beautiful bouquets.”

“The flowers can be created from almost any paper; I have a simply stunning monochrome bouquet created from wallpaper, crosswords & gift wrap.”

“I have been perfecting the art of creating flowers from pine cone. Odd, I know, but the end results are gorgeous.”

“They are half-way between a traditional bouquet and a brooch bouquet: The flowers having a very natural feel, but the centres sparkle with my own eclectic mix of finishes.”

“The joy of these bouquets is they are incredibly light, and can be made to co-ordinate with any colour themes (either by choice of paper, or by theright paint finish on the cone flowers).”

“They are also a  lovely alternative for hay fever sufferers, and a lovely keepsake of a special day.”


When and why did you start your Company?

“I started Jackdaw Decor in October 2012.”

I had toyed with the idea for some years, but circumstance conspired to make me brave & step intothe world without training wheels!

“I have always loved making things; textural, tactile, 3D items of loveliness, whether for me, as a gift or for the sheer joy of creating something new from old.”

“Re-using or re-purposing items rather than throwing them away.”

“Trying to use every last scrap. I hoard -in the true nature of a jackdaw- shiny, bright, pretty things, paper, ribbon and beads that I will keep until I discover what it was destined to become.”

“What I wanted to do was share that love of making, providing brides in the UK with truly unique bouquets.”

“My paper bridal flowers are created from a hoard of paper loveliness that I have lovingly collected over the years; this means I cannot always source any more -once it’s gone it’s gone.”

“This gives my work a transient uniqueness which I love; I have no desire to create the same item 50 times.”

“I love the process of tweaking an idea to suit a client, or to completely ignore the rule book & start from scratch – it’s my fickle jackdaw nature coming to the fore!”


What inspires you? 

“In short, life inspires me. Inspiration is an elusive quality & the more you examine it the less it becomes.”

“I’m like a mad sponge taking in lots of different things: a quote from a book; the colour of flowers in the garden; a chance remark in a conversation.”

“I have such eclectic taste and I love learning new skills and techniques; thatthen inspire whole new trains of thought, “I wonder what it would look like made out of paper”

“I find the creative process is so inspiring, I love it when I receive a commission full of “I like the idea of…”

“I want to take that & run with it, make the design a unique collaboration of my skill set & the clients imagination, creating a finished design that exceeds my client’s ideas & expectations.”


What is your greatest achievement?

“Every bouquet safely delivered to a thrilled bride, every groom over the moon with their buttonholes.”

“I’ve sent flowers to Dutch and Italian brides, something I could never have done with fresh flowers!”

“It is extremely satisfying to have connected with an individual & to have helped make their wedding day special.”

“I trained as a florist over 20 years ago & that pleasure is a great today as it was then.”


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“I’m still such a new business that the world is my oyster but my next goals are to –

“Widen the range of wedding products to include cake toppers, confetti etc.”

“Build on the wonderful interest I’ve had from Europe.”

“Continue to delight my Brides & Grooms to be.”


pastels bouquet, paper bridal flowers, jackdaw decor

Art deco bouquet, paper bridal flowers, jackdaw decor

Peppermint cream bouquet, paper bridal flowers, jackdaw decor

Monochrome bouquet, paper bridal flowers, jackdaw decor

whitby jet bouquet, paper bridal flowers, jackdaw decor, image - H2 Photography

If music be the food of love bouquet, paper bridal flowers, jackdaw decor, image credit - H2 Photography



Thank you so much to Ali for sharing her lovely paper bridal bouquets, a wonderful heirloom for the future.


To Contact Jackdaw Decor

Website: http://www.jackdawdecor.co.uk  or http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/JackdawDecor

Email: alison@jackdawdecor.co.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JackdawDecor

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Jackdawdecor

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/jackdawdecor


Image Credits

Image 6 Whitby Jet Bouquet Image 7 – If Music be the food of Love bouquet – H2 Photography


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