Unique, bold, offbeat wedding stationery from Think Good Get Hitched

Today I am delighted to spotlight on Think Good Get Hitched, creator of unique, bold, offbeat wedding stationery.

Rebecca Stephensons passion is to design offbeat and alternative styles for less ordinary couples that want to inject their personality into their Big Day.

The Brand is based in Manchester.

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I hand over to Rebecca to share her story…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“Hello! My name is Rebecca and I’m a graphic designer.”

“I live with my 4 year old and our cat in South Manchester.”

“Music is always playing at our house, from folk to techno, jazz to grunge.”

“Books are everywhere…as is glitter from crafting with my daughter!”

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When and why did you start your Company?

“I founded Think Good in 2014 for couples who wanted something a bit…special.”

“Twirly frills and sparkly thrills aren’t for everyone.”

“My couples are looking for something unique; unforgettable wedding stationery that matches their identity, their oddities and quirks that make them so perfect for each other.”

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What inspires you?

“I’m hugely inspired by the artists Piet Mondrian, amongst others, and I love to create pieces using geometrically arranged collections of lines and shapes.”

“My background in sciences forms an unlikely backdrop to many of my designs; Mother Nature has some mind-bending patterns in her arsenal.”

“And colour. From neons to pastels, fully saturated hues to subtle shades.”

“I’m a real nerd at heart so it’s often the case that a book I’m reading, a piece of music I’ve been listening to or a cool historical nugget I’ve got all excited about will find its way into my designs.”

“The most recent example is the ‘Manchester Bee’ emblem and its significance in Manchester’s industrial heritage that still defines so much of the city’s character with its mills, warehouses and canals.”

“After moving around a fair bit I’ve settled in Manchester.”

“I love cities: the architecture, the grittiness, the industrial edge. The people, always moving, always changing, and with them changing expectations and norms.”

“Nothing is static and there is always the potential for change. I love that.”

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Do trends influence your work?

“When a new style begins trending there’s always something, maybe an individual feature such as a particular colour or contrast, maybe the idea as a whole, that takes my interest.”

“I’m curious by nature so when I notice something new come to the market it does tend to get my mind ticking over, coming up with thoughts and ideas.”

“These ideas tend to be pretty fluid and unfixed, but they begin to take shape when I sit down (with music, lots of tea and my cat sitting as close to my laptop as possible) and start to play around with a concept.”

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What is your greatest achievement?

“My greatest achievement…well that has to be my daughter! What a cliche! It’s true though. She is a whole bundle of awesomeness and unbridled thoughts and ideas.”

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What do you see as the future of your Company?

“I would love to continue to expand Think Good Get Hitched, partly because it gives me a great deal of pleasure to contribute towards creating the wedding my couples have been dreaming of, and partly because I absolutely love my job and the creativity I get to express every day.”

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Thank you so much to Rebecca for sharing her offbeat wedding stationery with us today.

Love the boldness of the designs making a gorgeous style statement.

Beautiful and unique Wedding stationery for the couple wanting something just a wee bit extra special.

I particularly like the Manchester Bee and how its bringing the cities heritage into the couples celebration.


To Contact Think Good Get Hitched

Website: http://www.thinkgoodgethitched.com/

Email: info@thinkgoodgethitched.com

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