The Wedding Tea Towel – Young Hearts Run Free..

In Summer 2010 a great little product did the rounds of the Wedding Blog circuit, and I was delighted to share on my old Blog.

To recap, Ben and Karen got married in 2009, and with Ben’s background in design he was under intense pressure to come up with something amazing for invitation design.

After many [about 20] failed attempts, they decided it was really important to create something that was sustainable, and eco friendly, so came up with the unique Wedding Tea Towel, with an original Whale design.

Most often Wedding Invitations go straight in the bin after the Wedding, but with an idea for a tea towel invitation, it would be something that guests could use, and something that would bring happy memories each time that that person dried their dishes.

Since then things have gone great guns and they have extended their wee family. As well as the Tea Towels they brought out a range of Love Bags too.

Now they are back with a new adaptation on an old Tea Towel design….Young Hearts Run Free…

Ben says “Sometimes you look in the mirror and you realise it’s time for a haircut, well that’s happened for our Classic Heart Design, we launched the company with this and the trusted Whale way back in 2009, and since then it’s remained unchanged, so, this weekend we gave this old favourite a style makeover, and look how beautiful the old girl looks now!”

“More detail, more illustration, a new name and more love,  and Young Hearts Run Free, is ready for the summer.”

Check out all their designs in their gallery:

I still have my Tea towel from 2 years ago and its still in great condition, many washed dishes later. What a great and really useful reminder of your Special Day for your guests.

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