Whimsical and Rustic Wedding Stationery from Sarah Wants

Today we are going all Rustic Wedding and I am thrilled to introduce Sarah Want who creates beautiful whimsical and rustic wedding stationery.
Sarah grew up on a farm in west Cornwall and spent most of her childhood outdoors.
She could often be found making dens in the woods, climbing trees with her older brother, or bouncing along in the tractor with her dad whilst he cut grass for the cows.
On rainy days she would be with her mum in the farmhouse kitchen, baking cakes and making pasties – although her crimping wasn’t all that good.
So it comes as no surprise really that the rustic, country life rubbed off in her work.
I spoke to the lovely Sarah and here she tells you her story,
Who are you and what do you do ?
“I‘m Sarah Want and I create whimsical and rustic wedding stationery. I have a heart-warming range of designs to make guests squeal with delight!”
“Each design is digitally created with cut out pieces of fabric and illustrative doodles to make a cute little picture.”
“Each piece is printed on FSC card and I always use 100% recycled envelopes.”
When and why did you start your Business?
“It all started in 2012, which was the year I got married.”
“I have always had a love of craft and I’ve made cards and wedding stationery for others, so I was destined to make my own.”
“I looked around for inspiration but couldn’t find anything similar to what I was looking for, so I decided to design them myself.”
“When I sent them out, all the guests loved them and the feedback was very positive.”
“This got me thinking that maybe I could do this for others and turn it into my very own business.”
” I didn’t have to think about it for long; it was perfect and I quickly set my heart on it and decided that this is what I wanted to do!”
“I worked hard and spent every spare minute designing and creating a collection of romantic designs ready for launch in the autumn of 2012 and I haven’t looked back since.”
“I love what I do and my business; I get excited about it every day!”

What inspires you?
“I am mostly inspired by things around me; I live in south west Cornwall and my parents run a dairy farm.”
“I wake up to the birds singing and the cows mooing every morning, I have yet to feature a cow in a design but there are some birds! I love the way they flit around the garden as if they are dancing and especially love to see them in couples; how romantic and just perfect for wedding stationery.”
“We have a lovely wood down in the valley below the farm and I feel very lucky that if I want to go for a walk, I can just be there within minutes. I like to sit there and soak it all up, nature seems to magically conjure up motivation and new designs; it is the best medicine!”
“I also read lots of magazines and blogs which inspire my work, but I always stay true to my whimsical and playful style.”
“I tend to have pieces of paper with doodles on floating around on my desk; I’ll gather them into a pile, draw them into my sketch book and then develop and add to it until I am happy.”
“Although new designs can also sometimes pop into my head out of the blue; the idea for my floating away design came to me in the shower of all places!”
Do trends have any impact on your design?
“I do create designs to try and fit in with what is on trend but don’t worry about it too much that it restricts me.”
“The design should still be ‘country’ or ‘cakes’ but still reflect my style.”
“My stationery designs are most suited to vintage, country, rustic, garden style weddings which seems to be a strong trend so I’m happy! I also love to create bespoke designs, which is always a refreshing break and a nice challenge!”
What has been your greatest achievement?
“As my business is still young, there is still so much I want to achieve.”
“I do get a pretty good feeling when I am featured in a magazine or on a blog. “
“My greatest achievement is probably starting my business in the first place. I knew I always wanted my own business but it is a big step to actually make the decision to go for it.”
“I’ve poured my savings and time into it and worked really hard to get where I am today but wouldn’t change it for the world. There are lots of exciting things ahead in 2013; ask me that question again in a year!”
What’s the future for your Business?
“I am exhibiting at wedding fairs this spring which I am really looking forward to. My business is online, so it is always lovely to meet people face to face and see their reaction to the stationery in person; it’s very different to an email!”
“I would love to do the National Wedding Show in the autumn; watch this space!”
“I am also being featured in more and more magazines and on blogs which is just fantastic and blows me away.”
“I am currently working on some new designs too, which I can’t wait to launch next month. I am very much looking forward to the year ahead and seeing what unfolds in 2013!”
Floating Away
floating away
 Going to the Chapel
going to the chapel
Love is in the Air
love is in the air
Scrummy Little Cupcakes
scrummy little cupcakes
Thanks so much to Sarah for sharing her lovely designs.
The countryside flows so beautifully through her work and what a way to be inspired with country and cliffside walks, the sound of the birds, cows and the call of the sea….Bliss!
To Contact Sarah Wants
Phone: 07510 678 019


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