Why Marriage is more important than the Wedding

Today I want you to meet someone amazing, and I want to share his insightful thoughts on why Marriage is more important than the Wedding.

Josh Withers along with his lovely wife Britt, runs Married By Josh – an awesome marriage celebrant service – and also creates epic elopements with – The Elopement Collective.

I have had the honour of knowing Josh (allbeit virtually) for the past few years and in July he will be presiding over my vow renewal to my husband Neill, and there is NO-ONE that I would rather be a part of our celebration.

I know it will be fun, special and incredibly meaningful.

Josh shares some thoughts on marriage that are right on point…..


“If you spend a few moments in a  glossy wedding magazine, or reading some stupid article about weddings from the mainstream media within the first few moments you’re often provided the timely reminder that a wedding is either…”

*the most important day of your life,

*the best day of your life, or

*the most expensive day of your life.

“It’s more than likely that your wedding is one or all of those statuses. I’ve got a crazy proposal however.”

“Maybe your wedding isn’t the most important day, maybe the day you’re currently in, the now is the most important day.”

“There’s no such thing as future love, or past love.”

“Love, and loving someone can’t exist outside of the present, it’s an activity that can only occur in the now.”

“Maybe your marriage is more important than your wedding.”

“Maybe your wedding isn’t the best day, but your best is yet to come.”

“Maybe your marriage is one that didn’t peak on day zero, but your marriage is a union that has the strength and courage to proclaim that “our best is still ahead of us”.

“Maybe your wedding isn’t the most expensive day, but maybe you realise that where your money is where your heart is.

It’s possible to know where someone’s intentions lie not by asking them, or stalking them, but by looking at their credit card statement.”

“And perhaps your marriage celebration is the most money you’ve spent yet, but you’re planning on spending much much more on having an amazing, world-changing marriage.”


Josh also tells us a wee bit more about himself and what he does…


When and why did you start your Company?

“Over a decade ago I attended a wedding and walked away really disappointed in the marriage ceremony.”

“I felt like that moment where the two forming the union, form the union, was deserving of something more than that celebrant, and most celebrants, were offering.”

“So together with Britt, we’ve dedicated our business to creating meaningful, purposeful, and fun celebrations.”

“We just shine the spotlight on people that really, really, really don’t hate each other.”

What inspires you?

“My whole life is focused on people discovering love in themselves and for each other – it’s hard not to get inspired by that.”

“After all, relationship, community, communication, is all at the very heart of our existence as humans – and I get to make that my career.”

“I’m lucky enough to be inspired day in and day out!”

Do trends influence your work?

“Trends don’t really have too much to do with us.”

“Trendy people aren’t really trendy, they’re just people that did something someone else did.”

“I’m wholly focused on two people getting married, and that’s a trend that’s never out of style.”

What is your greatest achievement?

“After many years of gathering up the strength, I asked Britt to marry me. Nothing I’ve ever done has trumped that!”

“Second to that is building our business to a point where we’re sustainable, and suitably unpopular.”

“What I mean by unpopular is that we’re not mainstream, middle of the road, normal and good”

“We’ve instead built a business that’s built on us, our beliefs, our strengths, and our weaknesses. It’s 100% us, which means we’re really good at working in it.”

What do you see as the future of your Company?

“Our future is bright and simple: We create awesome moments for people to get married in.”

“We’ll always do that, but in this new year we want to help other people do exactly that: create a livelihood that sustainably provides for them and their family – it’s called Unpopular and it’s an online workshop and podcast – you can listen to the podcast now at http://unpopular.show


Thank you so much to Josh for sharing his wonderful advice and telling us all about his work. I can’t wait to meet him in the coming months.


To Contact Joshua Withers

Website: https://marriedbyjosh.com/

Email: hello@marriedbyjosh.com

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