Woollen Bridesmaid Wraps & Accessories from The Feminine Touch

Today it gives me great pleasure to share beautiful Woollen Bridesmaid Wraps & hand made wool accessories from The Feminine Touch.

This online shop on Etsy creates hand knitted and felted woollen accessories for you, your home or your Occasion.

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I hand you over to Sandra Nesbitt to tell you a wee bit bit about herself. and her Business…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“My name is Sandra, born and raised in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.”

“My life is a total miss mash of initiatives and projects , anything so as not to bore me.”

“The overwhelming aspect of my life is “design”.

“In one day I can jump from designing a new web site ; to planning and coordinating wallpapers and paints for the house I am renovating ; to designing and writing knitting patterns ; to working out where to plant out my vegetable plot; to concocting a new casserole recipe.”

“I am especially drawn to colours and texture, lovely subtle colour matching and touchy feely textures.”

“Wool features strongly, and I create hand knitted and felted woollen accessories for you, your home or your Occasion.”

“My newest venture into the Wedding market has seen me make some fabulous woollen Bridesmaid wraps.”


When and why did you start your Company?

“The Feminine Touch was created in September 2010, when I started an on-line shop on Etsy with a few of my crafty creations.”

“I had been designing and making accessories; mostly knitted items for a few years previously; picking up and remembering those skills I had captured in my teens.”

“One day I went out for the day to Hebden Bridge my local crafty town and I noticed some lovely pretty purses that had been made out of old wool sweaters.”

“It was then that I knew exactly how I could turn my talents for design into a little business venture.”

“In September 2010 I decided to set up a shop on Etsy, an online market place to showcase the creations I had been working on; felted accessories and some knitted items too.”

“The 1st few years on Etsy I was working full time, so I spent my evenings and holidays perfecting my craft, picking up tips as I went along.”

“I attended local knitting workshops at the Rowan Mill headquarters at Holmfirth, learning all I could from the wealth of knowledge the Rowan designers had.”

“My Etsy shop was created as a means of providing some sort of living for me when I retired from my full time IT job in the summer of 2013.”

“But more than that, Etsy, crafting and all that goes in to selling on – line would keep my mind active, would keep me interested in the IT world , fashion and interior design, would give me a purpose.”


What inspires you?

“Seeing more and more knitted home products, gorgeous knitted lampshades for example, or knitted lace curtains.”

“On the other hand I have seen some feminine hand knitted lace wedding dresses!”

“Wow! If I had the time, I would love to venture more in to these, be a lot more adventurous in my work, take some risks.”


Do trends influence your work?

“I’m sure they do, but not deliberately. I love fashion and I love interior design.”

“I’m always window shopping and people watching so I’m sure I am subconsciously picking up trends. I know what I like; I go for quality, top quality yarns, mohair, angora, high percentage wool content yarns.”

“But on the other hand I love buying very cheaply or even free, old wool sweaters and turn them in to something brand new.”


What is your greatest achievement?

“So far it has been the 3 bridesmaid wraps that I recently knit for a local wedding.”

“Even though I stipulate on my Etsy shop that I offer a full customisation service working with the client to agree things up front, the bride in this case left everything to me.”

“I was informed the colour of the bridesmaid dress and shoes and that was it! 3 pretty feminine  woolen Bridesmaid wraps were produced, all uniquely different and all greatly received.”


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“I would love to spend the next few years developing a portfolio of wedding photos , you know where my gorgeous lacy knitted creations have been worn at weddings ; whether it be more bridesmaid wraps , or mohair boleros , scarves for the bride’s mother , cute knitted bangles and headbands for the flower girls.”

“Delicate kid silk haze (mohair / silk mix) yarn is ideal for wedding accessories and as it’s my favourite yarn I am so looking forward to knitting lots more!”


Below are some examples of The Feminine Touch’s work that could be used at a wedding, whether it be for the bride, bridesmaids or members of the wedding party.

Sandra  appreciates that the wedding day is extra extra special and uses the best high quality materials she can obtain.

The kid silk mohair is obtainable in many scrumptious colours, its wonderfully soft and delicate to the touch and would be beautiful on the day.

She can also source hand dyed top quality yarns from UK suppliers to co-ordinate to your colour scheme.


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mohair bolero, woollen bridesmaid wraps, woollen shawls, handmade woollen wraps, the feminine touch

These gorgeous woollen bridesmaid wraps would make a unique accessory for those sometimes not too warm UK wedding days where your attendants make get a little chilly.

They are also perfect for those not as body confident too and who wish to cover their upper arms.

Thank you so much to Sandra for sharing her beautiful work.


To Contact The Feminine Touch

Website: http://www.thefemininetouch.org.uk/ or   http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheFeminineTouch

Email: TheFeminineT@aol.co.uk

Blog: http://bloglaunchfemininetouch.blogspot.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheFeminineTouch/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TheFemininet



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