Writing Lifes Lyrics – Personalised Song Commisions from Honeyeater Music

How amazing would it be to commission your own personalised song for someone you love.

Working with artists and writers all over the world Kath Haling is well versed in bringing out the best in people.

You may already know what you want to say but finding the right words might be proving difficult.

Whether its for a Wedding, a special event, or just because you want someone to know how you feel about them, Honeyeater Music based in London help you discover your inner poet by creating something unique and beautiful.


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I hand you over to Kath so she can tell you all about this lovely service…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“We are Honeyeater Music and we create original, specifically tailored, personalised songs for people to give someone they love.”

“I am a professional signed writer in the music industry therefore have access to everything from the hottest current studios and producers to the best musicians and singers both in the UK and internationally so we literally can create anything the client wants.”

“It’s a very exciting process. We discuss styles and content then we really brainstorm the concept to come up with something amazing.”

“Whether they want something classic and orchestral, or urban with a hip hop vibe or something sweet and simple in a love ballad or folk style or something bright and energetic like a Calvin Harris style EDM track….we can doing anything.”

“People can choose to be a part of the recording if they themselves want to sing or play on the track.”

“Sometimes people have specific lyrics they want in the song or sometimes they just give me a general understanding of what they want and we work from there. I absolutely LOVE what we do.”


When and why did you start your Company?

“Honeyeater Music are only young in that we’re coming up to our 1st birthday.”

“I started the company after writing a song for a close friend’s wedding.”

“As a professional writer in the commercial pop world I collaborate often with people for many different reasons…artist development, established artists briefs.”

“I love the process however there was another dimension that came into play when writing for someone’s wedding.”

“Hearing people’s stories regarding how they met, understand the importance of different aspects of people’s lives and relationships and being a part of something they then can hold on to forever is extremely rewarding.”

“I love working with people who aren’t necessarily versed in song writing and creating something truly amazing.”

“Real life, true stories and emotions are the foundations of some of the best songs ever written.”

“Here with Honeyeater Music all of a sudden we were presented with an abundance of honesty, of very specific important moments, of true human nature with no clichés.”

“With this I knew we had the beginnings of something very special.”

“As my music career has grown so too has Honeyeater Music because I now work with some of the freshest most hip creative minds in the music industry.”

“This gives us the ability to create not only a beautiful lyric and melody but adding in access to create any genre and sound we want.”


What inspires you?

“I love working with people. I love learning about their history and what has brought them to this moment in their life.”

“I love song writing more than words can describe and creating music with, and for people who may not be used to the experience of music collaboration is absolutely extraordinary.”

“I am well aware of the giddy buzz someone feels when recording in a vocal booth, or when you hear a lyric or concept that is about something personal to you being sung by an amazing vocalist over a track created by incredible musicians engineered by highly skilled producers.”

“All these amazing feelings throughout the writing and recording process I am already well aware of as they drive me everyday.”

“It is at the moment people who aren’t necessarily a part of that world step into it…that the real magic happens.”

“Being a part of these kinds of projects is what inspires me.”

“Watching people grow and experience something new and in the end having a personalised song they can hold on to and cherish for ever.”

“We don’t create lame, clichéd, over done concepts….what we create is something so unique and suited to the client that they always end up with something very, very cool.”


Do trends influence your work?

“As a result of my work within the commercial pop industry, we are always aware of current music trends and also have our finger on the pulse of what’s to come.”

“However we ensure the style, genre, vibe of the track we create is suited to the client.”

“They may want a vintage sound rather than something along the lines of the latest Rhianna track… or vice versa.”


Whats next for Honeyeater Music?

“Honeyeater Music are here to bring something awesome to people’s special occasions, and I just want to keep building on that.”

“My passion for music, song writing and just life in general means I put all my energy into creating something truly unique, wonderful and just straight out cool for people to have and cherish forever.”


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To Contact Honeyeater Music

Website: http://www.honeyeatermusic.com

Email: honeyeatermusic@gmail.com

Phone: 07887958014

Be Social: Twitter  Instagram



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