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“Neu Mit Bliss” – Honeymoon Shoot – Gardis and Chris – Images by Nikki McLeod Photography

Today I am actually giddy about sharing this veritable feast of pictorial gorgeousness. The lovely Nikki Mcleod recently shot outstanding images of the awesome Gardis and Chris on a Post Wedding Shoot,  and they are quite literally something to behold. Nikki McLeod Photography is a well-established photography business, based in Fife, Scotland. She has been shooting weddings since 2000, in Scotland, the UK and abroad. Nikki shares her recollections of the day, “Gardis and Chris were married in their homeland Germany last month and were honeymooning in Scotland.” “They had admired Anita’s wedding photos that I had taken last year, Anita and Gardis being childhood friends in Berlin. The next thing I knew,...