VW Campervan London


Lights, Camera, Buttercup PhotoBooth! – New Retro VW Campervan Photobooth Service

Today I am not only delighted to introduce ButtercupBus, but also to introduce their fabulous new retro photobooth service “The Camperbooth”. ButtercupBus who are based in London/Surrey offer VW Camper and beetle hire for wedding and holiday hire throughout  the South East with three retro campervans to choose from. The Campervans and Beetles which are lovingly maintained love to go on all sorts of adventures and this new service steps things up a notch. They can be hired for a range of events, such as self drive camping holidays, festival trips, romantic picnics, weddings, honeymoons, film work, photo shoots… and NOW the new Photobooth service.     Nathalie and Laura...