The Orangery – An Exclusive Use Kent Wedding Venue

Today I am thrilled to spotlight on The Orangery, a beautiful Kent Wedding Venue, with an added touch of helpful advice on everything a Venue should provide to help you achieve that perfect Wedding.

The Orangery is an exclusive use venue set within nine acres of beautifully landscaped gardens near Maidstone in Kent and is the perfect location for a lovely countryside wedding.

Its set beside a river, surrounded by sweeping lawns and huge Blue Cedars and overlooks a beautiful waterfall.

Much though I love being a jet setter I can’t be everywhere so I asked the lovely Rosie to go take a look at this lovely setting to give me the low down on the venue, and how it can be an asset to your Big Day.


The Orangery, Kent Wedding Venue, Maidstone wedding venue, exclusive use wedding venue


I hand you over to Rosie to share her thoughts…


Getting engaged is a beautiful part of a couple’s life together, it symbolises the start of something new and official.

Shortly after the congratulations and well wishes will come further questioning, when and where?

This is not always an easy question to answer being that there is such a huge variety of venues to choose from.

It’s no longer a case of opting for your local town hall or church, times have evolved and so have weddings and their venues.

Deciding on your perfect wedding venues requires you to truly consider how you envisage your big day.


I recently visited The Orangery in Maidstone Kent a bespoke wedding venue that comes with the whole package.

I was truly blown away by the acres of beautifully landscaped gardens.

And I’m going to tell you why this is the perfect example of the perfect wedding location.


The Orangery, Kent Wedding Venue, Maidstone wedding venue, exclusive use wedding venue


The Setting

Many modern couples often meet in locations that aren’t their hometowns meaning that both family and friends of both bride and groom may well be travelling large distances.

Choosing a location that is perhaps centred for all travelling parties can take a huge amount of pressure off expenses for guests.

The Orangery has ample amount of space for guest wanting to makes a weekend of it.


Indoor and outdoor space

Visiting a venue is largely about the experience,

if that experience doesn’t begin as you enter the drive then are you really getting that wow factor?

I can confidently say that I was head over heels in love when entering this venue.

I have visited multiple wedding venues in Kent many of which are beautiful but this one in particular certainly stood proud in its acres of perfected gardens.

The Orangery itself is a light and elegant room which is aesthetically designed to incorporate all the elements required for both comfort and grandeur.

Arched windows reach from floor to ceiling, giving guests superb views of the garden landscapes.


Kent wedding venue, The Orangery, maidstone wedding venue, Interior


The garden area of a wedding venue is extremely important especially if you wish to have outdoor imagery to take away from the day.

What made The Orangery stand out was its multi-functional Garden Room.

The Garden Room, adjoining the Orangery, is a stunning all year round location for your ceremony.

This beautifully designed room has an impressive central glazed roof lantern and again is designed to afford your guests amazing views of the gardens and river.

This unique space really breaks the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces making it a functional option for weddings all year round.

Guests can enjoy the garden and river views from the comfort of The Garden Room all year round.


A helping Hand

Assistance isn’t a negative, a helping hand when trying to put the pieces together for your wedding may just be the sigh of relief when you most needed it.

Life doesn’t stop just because you’re planning a wedding.

Assistants and wedding mangers can help you when making huge decisions, they know exactly what hurdles you are going to cross before the even hit them.


The party

Everyone will want to celebrate beside you, having a celebration after the ceremony will not only allow you to include certain friends into your big day it’s also a thank you from you to them.

Look for space, large open space will encourage people to dance and embrace the moment.

Questions to ask yourself are – is there option for both an indoor and outdoor bar? Can guests be seated both indoors and out?


The Bridal Suite

There is no shame is wanting luxury, your morning nerves will no doubt be through the roof.

Having your mother and close girlfriends surrounding you in a beautiful bridal suite will be one less stress off your frantic mind.

Added extras like this will be what really make you feel that extra bit special which of course you most certainly deserve.

I certainly did notice whilst looking around The Orangery how accessible everything was, if you needed to escape up to your bridal suite for a quick change you’d only be gone for a matter of moments.

Meaning you can be back on the dancefloor in no time. It’s comfort and practicality in the most luxurious form.


The Orangery, Kent Wedding Venue, Maidstone wedding venue, exclusive use wedding venue


If you are currently planning your Big Day you many want to attend one of the venues Open Days, the next being 9th October 2016 10am – 4pm.

To find out more Wedding Details take a look at the venues Wedding Brochure or check out Offers.


To Contact The Orangery Maidstone


Phone: 01622 919919

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