5 Different Ways to do the Stag Do

If you’re bored of the regular go-to-the-pub stag do that all your mates are having, then you’re in the right place.

Here, we take a look at five different ideas that mean you will actually remember a stag do, and look back on it with fond memories.


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The Geeky Stag

Cosplay is one of the best ways to celebrate the geeky stag’s last days of freedom.

Whether you’re into Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or it’s your favourite comic book characters that takes your fancy, the day is yours to dress up how you want. Cosplay at a comic con is even better.

Join thousands of other fanatics and spend the day geeking out as hard as you can.


cosplay, stag do activity, the stag and hen experience


The Sporty Stag

The sporty stag is just begging for a way to show how tough and sporty he really is. That’s why an assault course is perfect.

It will be a lot of fun to test your mettle along with your mates and see who comes out as the winner.

Alternatively, play a game of his favourite sport, whether it’s football, rugby, cricket or a game of golf for a lighthearted way to celebrate a stag do.


five a side football, stag do activity, the stag and hen experience

Golf, stag do activity, the stag and hen experience


The Adventurous Stag

The adventurous stag is need of something more than just going down the pub with his mates.

He needs something to get his adrenaline pumping, like 4×4 off roading or paintball.

The Stag and Hen Experience has lots of exciting experiences for the adventurous stag who needs something out of the ordinary.

Alternatively, for even more of an adventure, choose an activity like this, but in Spain or Tenerife!


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white water rafting, stag do activity, the stag and hen experience


The Petrolhead Stag

The petrolhead stag is easy to please. There are lots of activities that you can plan to make him a happy stag.

From classic car shows to a day at Silverstone, there are loads of options.

You could even DIY your own Top Gear show, and do a 100 mile trip in two teams to an exciting location.


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The Laidback Stag

If the stag is more likely to be found horizontal, sleeping, watching TV or being generally far too laidback to get excited about much at all, then you need something equally laidback.

Whether it’s a weekend camping and fishing, or just a night in watching all your favourite films, the laidback stag do is just as good as any other!


sea fishing, stag do activity, the stag and hen experience


So why not be a bit more adventurous with your Stag do with all the amazing opportunities out there.

Its such a special time to celebrate with your best of friends so why not make it memorable by having an experience that you will never forget.


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*Thanks to Alexa Cobbold for her insight into this feature



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