5 Shapes of Diamond Rings: What Each Says About Your Personality

Today on MrsPandP’s UK Wedding Blog it is my pleasure to share a Guest post on the common shapes of Diamond rings and what they can say about your personality.

While some have a tough time deciding what diamond cut to “marry” when they go diamond ring shopping, many women know precisely what cut attracts them most when it comes to the grandest gem. 

Often a diamond cut can reveal some facet of the wearer’s personality. 

What might your diamond cut say about you?




Round Brilliant

This classic cut is all about brilliant sparkle. 

For women who want to shine with timeless and classic style, this is the ideal cut. 

This original brilliant cut was achieved in 1919 and today it has become the most popular cut when it comes to engagement rings. 

Many women can’t resist the circular shape as an ideal symbol of endless love. 

Women tend to be traditional, reliable, and inspired by classic stories of love—this is a great cut for them.  Many jewellers like carry a fine selection of round brilliant and similar oval cut diamonds. 





The princess cut took shape in the 1960s and is one of today’s most popularly chosen diamond cuts. 

Glittering and stylish, it’s a ring choice for women who like to sparkle. 

The sparkling square cut may contain as many as 144 facets depending on its size. 

For women who love to be trendsetters and shine, this is a cut that lends itself to outgoing sweetness. 





For women who love to own the room and exude both confidence and radiance, this is a ring for a diva, a countess, a no-holds barred sort of girl. 

The signature style of the marquise shape reflects an aura of power and stature. 

The distinctive marquise shape is always a standout. 

With its inherent opulent charm, this cut is for women who love to dazzle and command attention with every sparkling flash. 




Emerald Cut

Women who love vintage style and old world elegance tend to love this timeless diamond cut. 

The cut’s understated charm is perfect for women who are effortlessly stylish, sophisticated, and poised. 

Like the women who wear it, this cut steals the show without even trying. 

The gorgeous clarity of the emerald cut or the similarly cut Asscher diamond is a stunning choice for woman who know what they want. 




More eccentric than other diamond rings, the pear-shaped diamond ring sparkles with an eclectic enthusiasm that is perfect for women who are naturally creative and have a flair for the unusual. 

The pear shape brims with deep character with a touch of whimsical—even fancy—charm.  Women who wear the pear shape don’t mind standing out and glorying in their singularity. 





Choosing a diamond cut doesn’t have to be difficult when you search your soul and complement your own personality style. 

The diamond will reflect love and even status, but its shapes can certainly be a reflection of the women who wears it. 

Since a diamond is definitely forever, be sure to choose a style that you’ll love for all the years to come. 

Take your time when diamond shopping and choose a gem cut that embodies who you are and who you love to be. 


My diamond is a round cut so you could say I am a bit of a classic, the style has me down to a tee.


Guest Author Credit: With thanks to Alice Pettaway who enjoys sharing her knowledge of diamonds online through blogging with Marlows Diamonds.


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow

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