5 Top Tips for Buying a Bridal Set

Now when we talk Wedding we talk rings, and today on the Blog I want to share some advice and tips on buying a Bridal Set.

Are you still shopping for the perfect engagement ring? Or maybe you’re already engaged, with a promise ring that’s waiting to be upgraded?

Whatever your situation, stop for a moment and consider this amazing option as an alternative to buying seperately.

These heavenly diamond ring sets consist of a custom made engagement ring and a matching diamond wedding band – and come with amazing benefits.

They’re exquisitely designed, extremely comfortable and feature more diamonds at a much better price point than two separate rings ever could.

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That’s why this week, the team from the swanky London online jeweller, TheDiamondStore.co.uk, are here to give us their top tips on choosing the perfect bridal set.


1. Getting the perfect finish

If you buy a separate engagement ring and wedding band, you need to choose them very carefully to get a good match, otherwise they won’t sit well together on the finger.

For instance, the engagement ring’s main stone may push the wedding band out, or even scratch and damage it. Many brides also find it takes time to get used to wearing two new rings on one finger.

Bridal sets don’t have any of these problems because they’re crafted to fit each other perfectly.

This means there’s none of the hassle of buying two separate rings – and you can go straight into choosing what type of diamond shape and size you’d prefer.


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2. Picking the engagement ring’s main stone shape.

The engagement rings in bridal sets come with a choice of diamond shapes and sizes.

Many people prefer a round diamond as the engagement ring’s main stone.

This is because classic round diamonds have more facets and therefore give off the most sparkle.

Square princess cuts and pear shaped diamonds also look radiant and have a contemporary, sleek feel.

Rectangular emerald cut diamonds give off long, sustained flashes of light and have a twenties vintage look.


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3. How many extra diamonds?

The best thing about bridal sets is that you’ll get a lot of diamond carat weight on both the engagement ring and the wedding band – more than you’d get for your money if buying the two separately.

Apart from the engagement ring’s main stone, you’ll have a choice of side-stones on the ring’s band, diamonds along the top of the wedding band, as well as single or multiple diamond “halos” around the main stone.

All you need to decide is how understated or lavish you want to go, depending on your own style.


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4. Measuring ring size.

This is actually a vital step in buying any ring!

And since bridal sets are usually custom made with intricate diamond work, it’s so important to get the ring size right to avoid complicated and costly resizing later.

DIY methods involving rulers and string are a strict no-no, because they almost always go wrong and lead to disappointment.

Using a proper ring sizer tool, or measuring the finger at a jewellers are ideal. You could also download a ring sizer iPhone app!

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5. Exquisite beauty and quality, plus savings.

When you choose a bridal set, the diamonds on both rings will be perfectly matched in color and quality.

Also, the wedding band’s shape and the extra diamonds will highlight and enhance the central diamond and make it appear larger.

Yet while you’re getting all this sparkle and style, from a jeweller’s point of view you are buying only one design, and a slightly larger order of diamonds, in one purchase.

This has a positive reflection on the overall price!

In many cases, you’ll be able to buy a lavish two-ring bridal set for the same price that it would cost you to buy an engagement ring on its own.

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