6 Fun and Healthy Hen Party Ideas

Some hens enjoy extreme sports, some love a good shakedown and others just want to have a fun yet healthy hen party, and this just goes to show that every hen is different.

Just like general life, we are all individuals and what is an amazing night for one may be an absolute nightmare scenario for another Bride to be.

If you’ve been tasked with organising a hen party for a health-conscious bride-to-be, don’t worry, as Vitabiotics Wellwoman, the vitamins supplements for women brand, have put together a list of 6 fun and healthy hen party ideas.


Dazzle on the dancefloor

Dress the hen up in fluorescent leg warmers and take her to a local dance class with all of her closest friends.

Not only is it a great workout for the hen party, but you’ll all be able to dazzle the other guests at the wedding party with your new moves.

Make sure to provide the choreographer with the bride-to-be’s favourite songs and try and find out which songs will be played at the wedding party.

If you want to spice up the hen party, look into a fun pole dancing class at your local gym or dance school.

As well as teaching you to slide elegantly down the pole, it’s a full body workout and a great laugh.

All the fun of cocktails but without the hangover

If the hen has a busy schedule in the build-up to the wedding which doesn’t make room for hangovers but wants to have an enjoyable send-off, organise a night of making mocktails.

Break out the mini-cocktail umbrellas and get creative with your mixes to produce some delicious takes on classic cocktails but without the danger of suffering too much the following morning.

Don’t forget to ask the mixologist for their best mocktail alternatives!

Bouncing her way into married life

This is the perfect send-off for a bride-to-be before they get married.

Unleash your inner child and bounce, fall, and roll your way along the numerous trampolines at an indoor trampolining park.

An active and fun hen party idea, it will also give the whole hen party a chance to bond, laugh and share old stories of all your time together.

There are some unique trampolining parks in the UK, such as Bounce Below in Wales, which is a trampoline park in a cave with zip-lines, hanging bridges and tunnels to explore.

Perfect for an adrenaline junkie hen

If your hen is an adrenaline junkie, consider taking them coasteering.

A mixture of rock climbing, swimming through caves and jumping off small cliffs into the sea will be right up their street.

A fun, adrenaline pumping adventure that will have the whole hen party supporting one another in what should be an unforgettable experience.

Some of the best coasteering can be enjoyed on the south coast of England around Cornwall.

Take your hen out of her comfort zone

Give the bride-to-be a thrilling hen party with a day at the circus.

If the hen party is made up of friends from different social groups, this a great way to bring them all together, to try something new and to bond.

Enjoy flying through the air on a trapeze and watching the other hens as they try their hand at this classic circus act.

Just make sure to organise lunch or afternoon tea after and not before this activity!

Unwind, relax and feel revitalised

If your hen prefers a downward dog to downing prosecco or is simply stressed out with all the wedding preparations, organise a yoga retreat and spa day.

This is the perfect opportunity to help the bride-to-be relax and be surrounded by her best friends.

To ensure none of the hen party fall asleep during the yoga class, there are plenty of more innovative yoga classes available including disco yoga.

You can combine this yoga retreat with an afternoon tea and pampering at a spa, to help the bride-to-be feel revitalised before the big day.

These healthy hen party ideas just scratch the surface of all the fun-filled activities you can organise.

Sometimes us ladies just want something without the drama.

These activities are great for the ladies out there who do not want the conventional wild hen party or even a hen party at all!

Be stylish, be unique, you don’t have to be like the rest of them and you can seriously good time without the usual hen party fuss.

If you have your own healthy hen-do ideas or went on a particularly unique healthy hen party, we’d love to hear about them!


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